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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I'm Ready

I have a few theme songs I sing to these days...when I'm working at home, sing to when I'm not doing my exam songs routine.

Bring On The Men (buy January FHM ok?)
I Enjoy Being A Girl


Roxie -- Chicago

The name on everybodies lips is gonna be: Roxie
The lady raking in the chips is gonna be: Roxie
I'm gonna be a celebrity,
That means somebody everyone knows,
They're gonna recognise my eyes, my hair, my teeth, my boobs, my nose.

From just some dumb mechanics wife, I'm gonna be: Roxie
Who says that murder's not an art?
And who incase she doesn't hang,
Can say she started with a bang?
Roxie Hart!


[Men]They're gonna wait outside in line to get to see, Roxie!

Think of those autographs I'll sign:
Good luck to ya'.


And I'll appear in a lavaliere that goes all the way down to my waist

[Men]Here a ring, there a ring, everywhere a ring-a-ling

But always in the best of taste!

Mmmmmmmm, I'm a star!

And the audience loves me. And I love them. And they love me for loving them, And I love them for loving me. And We love each other. That's because none of us got enough love in our childhoods. And that's showbiz...Kid!

[Men]She's giving up her hum-drum life.

I'm gonna be, sing it!

[Men]Roxie! She made a scandal and an start

And Sophie Tucker will shit I know,
To see her name get billed below,
Roxie Hart!

It's a great character song, it goes on my list, along the likes of

I Have Confidence -- The Sound Of Music
Bring On The Men -- Jykell & Hyde
Cabaret -- Cabaret
As Long As He Needs Me -- Oliver!

Songs that make a performance great not because you find a way to show off your vocals within the modest range of these songs but to deliver the characters of these numbers.

Last night's hanging with TV at the National Press Club has reconfirmed my plan in getting jiggy with it in siwinging pop repertoire. The boys loved my `New York New York'. Another song on my list -- The Lady Is A Tramp.

There's no cheuqe in my letter box today and rental is up in a few days. My bank account balance is gonna suck but like what J said few months ago, "It's not going to be easy and you're going to have no money but, I know you can do it, you have to TRY."

I'm ready to try. My brochure is ready, I have one more shooting to do, I got people to talk to, songs to sing, I'm going to be B-U-S-Y.

I'm open for business, baby.



Friday, December 23, 2005

Beautiful Day

Have you noticed how lovely the weather has been the last few days? I've been driving with my window down, only to close it when the smell of traffic smell too horrible. On an open road with no other cars, it's heaven.

M is having its year end break. We enjoyed our first dancing outing on Wednesday night. The babes of M took the podium almost the entire night...

If you are going on a night out to Velvet, don't bother with nail polish for your toes..even if you are wearing covered shoes. They will chipped if you party hard. Also, look out for fellows with burning cigarettes standing around in your way, I got a burn on my right hand.

No one was in the mood to eat after, it was half past three in the morning and they were probably thinking about getting up in a few hours to get to work. So I went home and cooked instant food. I didn't have enough to drink to get tipsy the first hour, then I realised, and down a few more glasses of some concoction I made in the dark `room' of Velvet.

Also, I learned that it costs at least a few thousand bucks to have a `table' for the whole night in a club like Velvet. Am in the process of finding out whether I owe a couple of hundreds to that someone who foot the bill that evening.

Also, they are bouncers in these clubs that are hired (it seems) just to attend to certain group of patrons. I walked into Velvet that night after giving my reservation name and getting a chop on my hand...asked the first bouncer where is that damn `private room', he couldn't understand my English so he got me a Chinese looking bouncer to attend to me. The Chinese guy asked me what I want in Cantonese, I asked him in English and he shook his head too. Amused and amazed, I held them together and screamed, "Haha, you mean You and YOU both don't speak English?" I walked away laughing and finally I realised I was standing right next to the `private room'.

It wasn't a room, of course, it's a secluded lounge area with sofas, VERY weird Christmas decoration (a cross between Chinese New Year deco and a Christmas tree) and a bar...I can imagine how it's `private' given it has its own bar and own team of waiters waiting around for your orders...though later I don't see how the area was guarded from other `non-reserved' patrons in the club. Yes, the people in that area looked like your regular, young affluent KLites but I doubt all of them paid to be there.

Of course then, Fuad so kindly enlightened me, "There are approximately...about 4 persons in this room who actually paid for the drinks."

I will leave it as that.

Received new rehearsal schedule this morning...for the next two months. I see myself getting more organised with my volunteer work, and I see myself honing my singing skills during this break, I see the Christmas party at Sweet J's bike workshop tomorrow...and lunch at Debbie's on Boxing day, media interview on Wednesday...

Just emailed out a report from a meeting yesterday, feeling a bit accomplished. And driving back from J's this morning was blissful because the weather was beautiful and I had enough sleep.

And listening to Janis' version of Summertime is good.

Definitely will swim later.


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Singing Cats I Know

Are you one of those who only buy foreign music, watch only imported performances like Fame, Cats and go to Singapore to watch Rent? We know these people, those who have never heard of local artists, "Julian Mokthar? Who's that?", "Who's Pete Teo?", "What Orange?"...."...Local singers? I only like Sheila Majid."

I am the more fortunate few who are exposed to local products at young age. I read about the people in local theatre when I was in Form 3. So when I finally came down to live in KL in 1996, I took buses, trains, to watch plays put up by local folks. Dramalab and Instant Cafe Theatre were the first two I knew off those days.

Anyway, I want to tell you that last week, these two very young Malaysian girls became top ten Chinese singers in the world...and they are not even famous by reality TV standard and you'd probably not know them if you didn't read about them here.

Sin Sim & Evelyn Toh took part in this singing competition for Chinese people held in Taiwan just a week ago and came out number seven and number nine, amongst sixty hopefuls from all over the world.

I have pride myself as the friend who styled Sin Sim for her last two international championships. Evelyn Toh, however, has a large wardrobe.

These pictures were taken by Sweet J during the three night concert of Voices Of The women last year. Old faithful manual Canon with speed film, no flash. I love these pictures...Sin Sim and Evelyn sang the Cat Duet by Rossini, with costumes by Signal Master and the singers themselves.

Sin Sim, the real Chilipadi stood prepared for her soulful Rusalka aria...dress is Beatrice Looi.

EVelyn Toh flashed winning smile after her now signature number of Tong Bei Lullaby, which also won her the prize for Best Chinese Folk Song in the championship last week.

The concert was memorable without a doubt...

happy singers...

The no-nonsense backdrop...

So if you think you know good singers here in KL, I might know better :)


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The streets to palace

I walked in the nearly empty Telawi earlier, past three `tissue paper' peddlers outside McDonald's...the lady in tudung was asleep and the other two men looked straight ahead with eyes that see no sun and no colors...I felt very heavy and I wonder what was on their minds.

I came from Social, after watching the usual suspects from M played pool...after a relaxing session of mamak at Devi's, starting our break from rehearsals till January.

Moments like that, feeling of extreme helplessness envelops me and makes me doubt myself. What do you think about when you see them on the streets? The needy and the poor whom can't seem to elevate themselves off their existing social class?

But it can be inspiring too, to know how lucky you...we are where our daily worries include what to wear for that party, not having enough time to work out, how to deal with that sticky boss, client...

On that street earlier, I wonder where they sleep tonight while I know I have the luxury of a comfy bed and nice sheets, and the intellect to discuss poverty on my blog.

Charity is not about donating cash to them on the's about creating a system to eliminate poverty.

I'm not in the right state of mind for this's a just a feeling I had.

Coming back to my matrix system, tonight's pool score was brutal...Justin had in him a power to put balls into smaller holes...pool table holes. Cindy vowed to take him down VERY soon, in a pool bar near you...look out for the duel.

In other news, I spent the afternoon garnishing my singing site with some scanned pictures of past productions...updating the CV with my last two gigs in the weekend...actually I had three gigs in one week, just this very special week.

If you have been reading here on this channel, you'd noticed that I have been trumpet-blowing more than usual. Guess it's my way of conditioning my mind that I'm my own publicist, marketing director, administrator, dispatch person, housekeeper, copywriter, stylist...

Yes, I sang in the palace on Saturday night while Russell Watson was singing his heart out in the open field of KLPAC. Three of us (Cindy, Choon Heng and I) got a gig commissioned by Howard Blake to surprise the man himself (HRH The Sultan of Selangor) at his private birthday do. We waited in the glorious hall of humongous paintings of the man and even larger mirrors (very convinient for checking your gown) for the dinner to finish so that we could jump in his face with that birthday song written for him.

While waiting around to be brought into the palace, we goffed around with funny poses...

Going through the guest list outside the dining hall was like reading a story book...names you want to remember and those you know. The number of celebrities spotted were proportioned to the total number of guests.

It was a great night of frock-watch too and now I know why certain local glossy mags couldn't capture great women in gowns like the ones I saw -- you need to attend a royalty event in the palace to see the action.

Lots of satin and silk, not much of chiffon action. Lots of very low back and not much plunging necklines. Lots of dyed and streaks of browns and blonds. Cindy and I gawked, watching two dainty women walking towards the toilet in two pairs of impossibly skinny stilettos. How do they balance all that dresses and hair on those heels?

When it came to the time to sing the surprise song, the un-amplified singing was drowned by the excitement of the crowd in the hall of possibly 150 guests. The Sultan stood in front of us with the music sheets presented by Blake himself, giving us glances every now and then in between flipping the pages.

Blake eventually hung out with us the rest of the evening we were there...

I guess it wasn't what I expected, it wasn't what Blake expected too...we imagined the hall quietened down while our singing soared in the high ceiling and ring well in the ears of well-fed guests. They did not keep very quiet but we carried on and finished the song in high spirits nevertheless.

Then I learned how to disco dance in my floor sweeping Zara gown, Cindy grooved in her shimmering Sonny San number...she is not short like me so her gown wasn't sweeping up the morning dew on the dance floor near the pool. We shared the dance floor with the entire troupe of International Miss Tourism who graced the function. The French rep was the only one who came up to Blake and thanked him for the beautiful music, she had grace and I adored her olive green suit pants with a dramatic floor length cape.

I wished I had more champagne. I drank my first too fast, was listening to Blake relating his how-I-make-it-in-composing that sounded like a perfect happy-ending movie. His story is inspiring and there's nothing better than having someone in real life who told you they made it by sheer determination...

Just keep singing, just keep singing.

That was just one gig on Saturday night. Look out for pictures later....

That's it for now...don't forget to think about how you can help eliminate poverty...and stop worrying over the bigger MPVs your friends are driving.



Friday, December 16, 2005

Justin not Timberlake

May I present, the other Justin in my life? Who has been quite impatiently waiting his debut on my `talk show' on Soul Doctor channel...

He wears purple....and he is training well under the wings of Signal Master who has generously taken him as her bxxxh. These folks made it to the festive do at YTL's massive celebration at KLPAC, on the night Cindy, Signal Master and I sang with the Selangor Philharmonic Society.

Here's Cindy looking regal...introducing her French song that evening. Picture by the ever clever TV Smith...isn't she stunning? She went on to blow the audience away with her graceful but powerful O Holy Night.

Coming back to's his resume.

Status: unknown...he claims he has a lover from afar
Talent: give him a cover story and he will pour the story
Talent(s): Sings, write songs, guitar, TV host...has friendly accent and is friendly

Yo dude, can I post your mobile number here?

Coming back to the evening of Christmas Carols and lots of women in one dressing room. Cindy didn't want to be lonely in her dressing room allocated for her, she ended up making up in the the our dressing room full of women of all ages, singing in the choir, most didn't bring any make-up with them and I enjoyed screaming at them for not bringing, for I was assigned to take care of the looks department that night.

Selangor Phil, you owe me some ounce of my MAC bronzing powder, my MAC eye shadow...eyeliner, etc. I suggest you hire me to run one quick course of `preparing for that show in the grooming department'.

Cindy insulted the boys' (Justin and Fuad) masculinity by paying for all food later...they paid back in dragging the party to the pool bar next door.

That was mt first sip of beer and pool tables in years. I had fun, Merry Christmas.



Monday, December 12, 2005

Bardot Me please....


I got this sms from a friend last week, "Good news, you're on FHM! Are you free to shoot on Wednesday?"

The fantastic Ms Loy whom I met last at a party asked if I would like to appear in a magazine...I said yes, publicity wouldn't hurt me now.

Of course I wasn't thinking of a magazine like...FHM.

I consulted a few girlfriends and most recognised FHM as a brand, I went for it on Wednesday. I told the fantastic Ms Loy (who did the make-up and hair) that I hoped my wardrobe contains no cheap midriff tee shirts or halter neck...

Packed a big bag of my dressier party clothes and my new gold stilettos, I arrived half an hour earlier than my appointment, or what they call, the call time. I had only a banana for breakfast and I packed a serious book in case the writer was in the mood to discuss literature.

We ended up talking about books for maybe fifteen minutes before he moved to what eventually became the core topic of that interview -- arts and music -- which would probably not end in the magazine.

When the luscious hair piece was put on my crown and secured on my head, I was in love...with the sexiest image of myself that I have ever seen. I'm not kidding you guys ok, I swear, it could have been any girl there that morning, trust me, with a great make-up artist (perfect coverage, with perfect arched eye brows, smouldering smoky eyes, super-luscious lips) and that perfect wig -- it was very Brigitte Bardot, but a Chinese one.

I hit it off with the stylist and others on the team that day because they didn't seem too shocked with my bursting-into-songs personality, they looked fascinated enough to not be annoyed.

I learned a few things in styling a shoot, in choreographing a shoot, and of course, in posing for FHM Miss January column and handle a fast speed fan blowing hair into your lips. It's not hard if you focus hard and follow instructions -- forget sunny smiles and pointy pouts, we're after that sensual, versatile and...rather suggestive look of, lips apart slightly. Go try it with tons of gloss, with tousled big hair -- you'll get my point.

We had three looks that day with three different pose angles and concepts...the last one being the one I was asked to toss my hair (wig) and danced to...the first song that came on sang "We are the cheeky girl (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)" and lucky for me, the second one was bearable, it was Shania Twain's I'm Gonna Get You Good. You'd feel like Kylie doing a music video on a set with loud music and fans blowing at your clothes and hair....

I had TOO MUCH fun doing the shoot, I was happily taking instructions and strutting my stuff, whatever it was there in my head that day...the writer and I chatted away in theatre goss and music. I made friends with the guys holding up the fan and adjusting the set... got a few shoots on my point-n-shoot -- will scan in a few shoots here when I get the prints.

Even though I could tell it was me on the laptop with the magnificent hair and incredible make-up, I finally understood the meaning of high maintenance in the context of beauty. To be a bombshell, you'll need the tools and the investment of time...nails, make-up, skin, abs, hair, hair treatment, then hair products, heels, cleavage...

I flipped through an old issue of FHM today and wondered how many girls who posed for the column lived their lives any differently today...

Well, it is a brand and that's what matters. After all I was told, "You think it's so easy to be invited to pose for Playboy mag or Penth House? You should be proud of this..."

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Friday, December 09, 2005

The Volunteer

I'm officially a full time volunteer, for assorted people....

Girlfriend going to a big time singing competition, wants to borrow my gown...I ended up driving the dress to her pianist's house -- I planned to have her come my way to pick up the gown -- didn't work out.

Housemate going to Singapore for the weekend, I drove her to the LRT station.

Ex-housemates wanted to pick up their letters, I ended up parking my house mate's car in her parking lot, going up to the house to pick up the letters, take the lift down and passed the letters to my ex-housemates.

Wow, and to think that I always feel like the biggest bitch in the world...

Maybe I just suck at saying no? I find myself in this position all the the usually start off by people riding on my friendliness and resourcefulness. I must look like a public phone booth or a shopping mall loud speaker all the time.

Here's a toast to all the suckers like me in the world...

Maybe tonight I will take a break and go out...



Thursday, December 08, 2005

Of Monkeys and Dinosuars

Last night rehearsal had me on my feet most of the time, the second half of it anyway. Did breathing exercises from 7pm, I was to look at Cindyin a steady gaze and `share' my breath with her and hers. Who would thought breathing is difficult, I literally forgot to breath when I use all energy in just, looking at her in the eye.

Slowly I catch up with my breathe with Jo's help and constant reminding. We eventually went from steely gaze at each other to our song lines in the scene...eyes were moist, teary and throat dried with mixed emotions.

We continued with group exercise on group breathing....then the animal business started. To work on our ensemble energy, we turned into penguins, yes, we literally TURNED penguins and you could tell when we stopped `acting' and be what we were told to BE. Then M walked into the studio late as the slightly-confused polar bear on the hunt of penguins (Sweet J told me that polar bears and penguins can never meet -- North pole and South pole -- I told him that it was a rehearsal in Sunway college, so it was possible for these creatures to be there).

Then more polar bears on the hunt were created and soon, Jo introduced dinosaurs within the group. The remaining penguins stayed true to their community spirit and stayed closed to each other but eventually were out-numbered and left a lone dinosaur in the space.

It was good exercise in working on body awareness. But the real killer came after the break -- we were monkeys with a busy surrounding, with hyenas, elephants, models, leopards, humans, peanuts and bananas. We were told to do beyond just `look like' monkeys but have the characteristics and instincts of monkeys, and be alert and mindful. can't articulate the teaching much but I know it's towards strong acting, with clear body language, and ensemble energy.

More rehearsal with Jo, of Monday's session, read Michelle's entry on her blog...she records really well :)



Tuesday, December 06, 2005

M People

Got quite efficient with the scanner, had some `scanning projects'...will scan some past production shoots for my singing site, etc.

Speaking of scanning pictures...

I would like to showcase this group of people, I call us, the unlikely family...people who came together in similar artistic vision of a kind, became quick friends...

Issac in his usual pose

Michelle is our role model when it comes to the right moves..

This is when my point-n-shoot behaves and captured M's men department in their soulful strike

Pointers, buy high speed films for moments like this where you wish you could do without flash. Women galore, babes of M in their element, vain la.

The folks who made the date at Sepi's wedding on Sunday.



Monday, December 05, 2005

Boutiques Watch Report

As a girl about town...or a girl about malls, I think BSC (Bangsar Shopping Complex) provides one of the weirdest combination shopping option.

You would imagine a shopping centre in an upmarket neighbourhood such as Bangsar would house the best of trends and variety and would be surprised if you spend as much time as me browsing the boutiques (killing time before your play starts upstairs at Actors Studio) there.

Most of the boutiques have relatively attractive window display and some have hideous ones. Most of the outlets have less than five chic pieces for all you Carrie Bradshaws out there, the rest are mixture of what we call the `aunty-and-ah-lian' stock, and of course, overpriced...because they are imported from Italy -- what I'm told ALL the time there. So now I imagine there are these really awful clothes that come all the way from Italy from all these terrible Italian designers who export to silly people like us..??

Or maybe these awfully-designed clothes are really from Hong Kong, Korea, or China who export to Italy and then end up in BSC, freshly labelled as from Italy...

I hope you get the basically find a lot of weird looking evening blouses, long black skirts that would pass as perfect funeral attire in these fierce looking boutiques, sometimes packed with very fabulous looking women with rocks bigger than their hair, other time you'd find me there, getting disappointed again and asking the shop owner where that crochet-beaded top is from.

All these special characteristics of BSC boutiques create a very distinctive business eco-system, I call it the Over-priced Ugly Designer (by designers you don't know of course) Wear for the Very Rich and Fashionably-Clueless women.

Hahah, these days I enjoy laughing at my own jokes. Yes, I'm broke and I don't mind you calling me a sour grape but I think I get more compliments on my styling rather those shop owners or their customers.

Again I'd stress that you do not need a large bank account to be stylish, you need style.

My last trip at BSC, however, was not all laughs at those 200-ringgit tee shirts from Italy. I checked a newly opened local designer house -- IntoxiKate, housed on first floor in the east wing.

I spoke to the Goddess In Charge, yes, says her card. All the clothes are designed by Malaysian(s) and yes, they look chic, stylish and quite wearable, the prices are reasonably middles class, ie. you'd get a fabulous jacket/cardigan for RM169, where in other shops there you'd probably be paying for some silly little singlet with sequin you can sew on yourself.

For RM 110 you'd get a variety of original-looking (ie. only available in this label) Bolero little silk, etc.

I bought a beaded brooch at RM15. Then there were a few imported shades places away from the clothe racks, vintage design, something like what Sweet J's grandma gave me. I tried one one, it was fabulous, but it was over RM 300.

Some of the items I like might or might be on their site but do check out the outlet and see if you agree with me...

Till then, singing off...your friendly neighbourhood fashion bitch.



Friday, December 02, 2005

The Roving Singers

Still high on singing...after my last entry I spent the rest of yesterday singing my old repertoire, till it was time to hit the road to drive to my rehearsal.

This morning I woke up and continued listening to Renee & Bryn on their Under The Stars concerts...

Speaking of concert, will spend my off-rehearsal night at Bangsar Actors Studio listening to one of KL's most active music and song people -- The Young KL Singers. The amazing group of people I know who `ta pau' their creative, casting and production work...yes, am talking about singer who also complete their own props, costumes, poster art work, front of house work, publicity, you name it...self-sufficient artists la.

I became friends with them by having the honour to guest sing at their first two concerts back in 2002, thanks to my coach
who introduced me to the group's leader Susanna Saw...we rehearsed about twice and then the show was on. I went back to sing for them twice after that -- always a lot of fun :)

Wanna check out these happy shinny singing folks for yourself? Read Star's story on them...

TASA Young KL Singers

Goin' Home
TASA Young KL Singers (YKLS)
, winner of the Kakiseni Audience Choice Award for Music at the BOH Cameronian Arts Awards 2003, is set to soar again with their upcoming production titled, " Goin' Home", which will be a celebration of the folk song heritage from the British Isles and North America.

"Goin' Home " will be a warm journey through time, rediscovering the cultural heritage of two of the world's most well-known diverse communities, its roots and origins. The show will appeal to audiences of all ages as they would be able to relate to the projection of this diversity - some by ancestry, others through songs which they grew up listening to or are learning from their elders. These songs relate to personal experiences about childhood, growing up, love, courtship and marriage, life and death.

In "Goin' Home ", YKLS will present classics such as "Hush Little Baby ", "Loch Lomond", "Down by the Sally Gardens " and "Home Sweet Home", "Auld Lang Syne", "Clementine" amongst other heartwarming and festive folk tunes. The songs and lively movements presented are sure to touch the hearts of our audience and get them tapping their feet to the rhythm - regardless of age, culture or belief.

This show is one not to be missed - so be sure to join YKLS for a memorable celebration of life and as we embark upon this voyage together, we will discover that it comes full circle, a beautiful journey that is homeward bound…

Performance schedule & Ticket details
30 November to 3 December 2005 – 8:30 p.m.
4 December 2005 – 3:00 p.m.
RM30 (side seats) & RM45 (centre seats)
RM20 (side seats) & RM35 (centre seats) – 12 years-old & below
For tickets, please contact The Actors Studio @ BSC
(03) 2094 0400/1400 or e-mail



Thursday, December 01, 2005

High on Being Broke and Singing

Woke up this morning and got new email from the director. It's the treatment she promised at last night's rehearsal. `Treatment' in this context as I understand it, is a description of a theatrical work on its every scene and act....right.

I read Jo's treatment for act one to act three and found myself turning in my my eyes roll over the pages, I could see the spectacular scenes unfold in front of my laptop screen...the lone designer on stage...the fashionable high society, the shows...

You have to be in this exciting work process long enough to share my obsession and emotions for its every step taken, and magic discovered during rehearsals.

I came to consciousness again when I finished reading the paper. A friend came online to chat and offered a part time job, yes, I need the mullah but quick phone consultation with Sweet J later, reminded myself of what I want to do – sing.

I took out my Trinity examination report and make a copy, so that I could pin it right above my laptop and where I could see it every time I practice in my room --- my distinction score of 90 over 100, marked by Mister Harold Jones himself, of Trinity College London.

My coach said I worked extra hard for that exam, I remembered going through all the songs many many times the months before the exams. I want to remember and pile in even more work for next year’s exam, this time the effort has to triple, for I will need to perform at least eight to nine songs in one sitting, each to mastery. Just the thought of that send chills to my spine…each song to mastery, from aria to oratorio to lieder to French art song to Rossini to Vivaldi…can ah?

Nothing is quite impossible, I know. It’s all a matter of determination and discipline in this case. I have something like a year to excel in these nine songs…

And it’s about time to get over my I-hate-my-voice phase. It’s taken me this long to take the plunge of singing full time, I owe it to myself to work for the best – whatever it is.

At this point, I would like to feature my first client reference:

"On our wedding night, a lot of things didn't really go well as we wished for ...but as Janet started to sing, her graceful and soothing voice calmed us down and made us smile as if to tell us to let go of things that were bothering us, and to cherish the moment of being married to each other. And we did.

Our wedding might not be perfect, but we were glad to have found a perfect wedding singer for the perfect moments. It was just simply magical.

Thank you Janet."

-- Grace and Koh

Thank you Grace and Koh...