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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

our brain

I read in a book that our human brains are one of the biggest among mammals, and that homo sapien is the only species that take the longest time to be independent from our parents after being born...some of us never get independent.

The book also says that one of the main functions for our Big brain is for gossiping. Surprise? Apparently the act of gossip keeps us in check of our behaviour. We are more cautious to do good and behave because we know people gossip.

So gossip is great for maintaining a society, ?

But my gripe today is, from track records and countless incidents that happen to us and among friends, it's proven that we spend too much time, wasted too much resources (our energy, focus, time, emails, electricity...etc) over misunderstanding.

Hours of heart pouring chats, consoling, revenge, holding grudges, therapy sessions...over innocent but disastrous incidents or mishaps, of over-assumptions, speculative minds and private conclusions made up in our heads.

I have been reminded that, each time we look outward to judge someone's behaviour, or to judge someone, we should first look inward at ourselves - are we any better? Are we fit to judge? Should we?

Aouummm :)

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday afternoon in door and blogging

Watching the rain now from study window, glad to be home already. Spent the early part of today driving back from Juru. Happy, I did it :) Drove myself, Vincent and his double bass from Jalan Ipoh up to Auto City in Prai yesterday; drove us all back today, under four hours. Got lost several times yesterday, to and fro the gig venue and hotel, not proud of it but we survived it.

The downpour subsided, the loud drilling from upstairs persisted. Am listening to WVC Trio + 1 new album accompanying the noise from up there. This one is called . I got this copy off Vincent after we arrived in KL.

This is a strange prelude to a busy weekend ahead, full of rehearsals, for gigs that don't necessarily bring food on the table. These gigs are the type maybe you can call soul food. They feed your soul so you can carry on as a decent citizen in performing arts.

Am singing the role of Hope in Nick Choo's 10-minute musical titled Little Girl Lost next week (Sep 29th - Oct 2nd), the beginning of Short & Sweet Festival. It was a last minute casting move, the team hadn't much luck in casting their Hope till they rang me up (and having me say yes).

A close call it is, I have started my dance rehearsal weeks ago for Short & Sweet Dance and the schedule was just starting to get heavy as we approach the festival dates (Oct 10th - 17th). I pinched time here and there and fitted in rehearsals for Little Girl Lost. Ten minutes it may be, Nick's music and plot challenge the four of us (Fang Chyi, Elvira Arul, Sandra Wolf and myself) to paint a myriad of emotions in just one or two minutes, with the rapid fire change of tempo, top that with a finale in a 4-part sing.

While the musical demands total mental focus, the dancing front for me is no peanuts. I recovered from a few bruises from a week ago, from rolling on the floor many times in one sitting. The dance sequence requires various physical expressions and a lot, a lot more practice.

Ok, time to wrap this to get back to my script memorizing (for a short play in November). Long day tomorrow, starting with morning for the short play, then on to the musical rehearsal which I have to leave halfway to accommodate the dance rehearsal at across the road, at KLPac.

Till the next entry...soon!

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