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Friday, October 16, 2015

I Trust You, and brief encounters (FB posts)

August 26, 2015
"I trust you." I find myself saying that a lot in recent times. Whenever I say it I have a good feeling about my life - that I have been able to surrender my hope, faith and goals into others whom I have found and earned my trust. 
I think it's a wonderful feeling when you can tell someone that - "I trust you." Maybe in some ways, even more powerful than "I love you." More than love, is when that person has done things that tell me that I can lean on him/her, and hold hands with him/her to achieve dreams and goals together.
More often than not, I think great loves are those built on great trust and friendship. It's all interconnected - without trust, it's no way to build great friendships and partnerships. 
Over the past one week, I have been asked a few times about my blatant and prolonged singlehood since Justin. "So what is it now? You've gotten too picky haven't you?" I don't know if knowing what matters to me and being picky have become the same thing, haha.
Maybe many people go through partners in their lives, each time hoping to find the ultimate person who fulfils them, or a relationship that fulfils his/her soul. In the absence of that special man who fulfils me and the empty position of "partner/soul mate" - I found many fulfilling partnerships and platonic relationships that can seriously rival a seat named 'boyfriend'. 
Perhaps it's my luck, or perhaps I have done something good in my youth - I have been meeting and working with people and friends whom I say "I trust you" a lot to. Sure, no one can compare to what J has done for me; but what these friends have done for me are honestly, no less sincere and passionate like J's contribution in my life's path.
I am grateful for having these people in my journey. I hope I am doing all that I can to treasure their friendships. 
And so my answer to my friends who have asked me about seeking the next guy who would hold my hand is, "I think I have found him...but it's in fact, more than one of them...and sometimes it's not just men - it's like a whole bunch of wonderful special people, men and women." 
(Inspired to share this because of the planning of my upcoming music video shoot, am working with the crazy talented Tan Choo Harn - am so f*cking thrilled that he is making my MV - and whom I have been saying "I trust you." to, like 3 times a day)

September 22, 2015

I'm not bothered by brief encounters and having met people you can't keep in your daily routines, people we meet are messengers - carrying important lessons and insights that we can benefit from if we open our eyes, ears and hearts to them in the brief time we spend with them. Treasure all your chance encounters and friendships. ‪#‎reflections‬ ‪#‎janetwrites‬ ‪#‎friendships‬‪#‎messengers‬ ‪#‎lifelessons‬

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