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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Old photos in my fashion folder...

This might just be one slow year in the business (and gigs) but music-making is keeping me excited and busy.  Taking a break from downing Bach music in my head (concert in June, watch this space) and preparing for a 3-hour recording session tomorrow.  I looked thro my folders of old photos, this one titled "Fashion Diva".  hehehe...and want to share some of them here.

in no particular order..

My effort in looking like a dignified (office) working girl who is chic and coordinates colors (eww..).  I remember the pants were from Zara (on sale) and the white crochet cardi is from a secondhand clothes shop in Kuching, it cost about RM 10 and it's one of the most beautiful work in my wardrobe.

I worked for 4 years in an office (PIKOM) before I turned to singing full time.  Dressing up in funny clothes was not part of the job requirement but during annual dinners there were themes and I had my fun with themes.  My interpretation of `Arabian Night'.

things I do in my flat sometimes, fashion shoot with a mirror.  My earliest qi-pao collection..
...quite almost all secondhand ones

must have been 2005 - at SeeMing's old flat, after our Harper's Bazaar shoot...for what else, Best Friends column..

chorus girls (Nicole Thomas & I) at the Cameronian arts awards in 2006, I think it was 06...for one of the awards performances.  I wore those crazy earrings again when I went to my first (and only) MIFA (Malaysia International Fashion Awards) gala dinner.  I really miss those times when I would just throw on crazy accessories, these days I kind of, just wear the smallest earrings, not sure if it's a sign of aging and wanting to fit in or...maybe I just realised how impractical huge accessories are?

2005, Batu Caves, where SeeMing & Sim were getting their pre-wedding shots done...and me and my point and shoot.

2006, Rainforest World Music Festival
(Yin Yin, SeeMing, myself & Madeline)

When 1901 was still around, 2004.  This is one of my Most favourite photos...taken by J.  He took me out (as a friend) after our break-up few nights before. We got back together after 6 months.  He is my best friend (you can have two best friends ok), and my soulmate, and my life partner -- you don't need to be married to have a life partner.

...honestly, I can't believe this - WTF, I used to wear fishnets to work? in an office...
(for the record, SeeMing and I didn't plan to dress alike, we just showed up at lunch like that)
can't remember when was this shot...oh, I still have those heels, gorgeous and incredibly impractical.

giggly people, at art installation (I bought that pink dress during my first trip to Hong Kong, somehow these days I don't have the nerves to wear it much, now that's an idea on what to wear next!!)

SeeMing's wedding @ Teluk Intan, 2005

First thick bangs in many years, curtesy of Callie,  Jan 1, 2005.

Looking back at these shots, I cherish the good times back then.  Moving forward, I say to myself and I KNOW this will be an interesting year, no less thrilling and full of life.  Fashion & music forever :)

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

we care for furry friends - the DBKL Pound incident

Feb 7, the people who care for living things gathered at the DBKL pound at Setapak to `tunjuk rasa' and to question the authority on their staff brutal work on the animals. Behind the gates, there are sights that would make any grown man tear. I remember my first time there with a few friends to RESCUE a few dogs from this hell, made by humans.

Background information on the gathering -
Davina Goh's notes on the event & incidents on Facebook

Davina's subsequent updates on the gathering on Facebook, copied & paste here for your reference:

Hi peeps,
I'm overwhelmed by the concern that everyone is showing. Thank you so much for the support. I regrettably could not make it to Saturday's protest, so many thanks to Annie, Evelyn and Leigh for helping to print out my banner suggestions (Especially 'Show Respect for God's Creatures', a personal motto). Much gratitude also goes out to Jeannie and Janet for filling me in on the day's events.

Coverage of the protest is here:

The New Straits Times

Unofficial video summary (thanks a mill to LunaG)
- embedded above

Upon inspection by the protesters, the pound did have the drugs available to put down cats and dogs humanely, which makes the video evidence of abuse even more perplexing.
One of the dramatic highlights of the protest included an open pit of animal carcasses. Health Department director Dr Zainol Ariffin Pawanchee was present to entertain the questions of the protesters, albeit very poorly if at all. In fact, if you read his response to the pit: "some individuals dug out the remains and tore the plastic bags just to make us look bad". If you want to lie Mr. Zainol, then better make sure you do it damn well. Otherwise you make yourself and your department look like a bunch of twats. (Then again, unless change is implemented, they'll always be seen as a bunch of twats anyway innit?)

Apparently Zainol will 'investigate further' and will have answers for the public in two weeks.

Shots from the gathering
The pound authority at the end of the gathering gave in and allowed 9 dogs to be rescued (with payment)

The gruesome condition of the improper burial of dead animals from the pound, look and weep...
see how the dead cats were carelessly thrown in this pit, talk about the concern for hygiene...
the people who care

more pics on my FB album here

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Goodbye to Sunny boy

Hey Sunny...!
No more...
I've been driving a new car since middle of January. Said goodbye to Sunny on Jan 15th. I wasn't sure how long I was going to have to go through the withdrawal syndrome of Sunny but it was short lived. Guess the power-steering, raised seat, etc in my spanking new car helped heaps in getting me overcome missing Sunny and thinking about where it's going to go -- after a 5-year affair with me (...a mad driver no less but I love Sunny to bits).

Goodbye Sunny. Love love love....

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