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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Blogging with photos again

OMG, can't remember the last time I've been away from blogging for so long. Though my last entry is only just Nov but seriously, my blogging frequency is all time low this second half of 2009.

I started this entry with the intention to write, but looks like I realise it is faster to tell a story with images than putting my thoughts together in words, and to do it cohesively, I need more time - and I don't have time today, it's eve of Christmas! I am going out to buy some potatoes for my smashed potatoes dish tonight!!

So here goes, my fabulous life so far in images :)

Merry Christmas and new happy year to all
pic by Callista
fooling around after Curve Christmas launch gig, my first pair of wings!! Thank you Leticia (Event Wizards)!!

Singapore Tourism Board wanted us again, The Three Little Bitches caroling to editors in town early in December. Zalina (middle) arranged the medley for our outing this time :) Nicole (left) arranged for the costume (from Dominique Devorsine's magic shop of costumes)

Sometime this year, somewhere off stage at gigs, I found myself a willing subject (object?) of none other than my amazing and funny band leader, Cher Siang.
pic by Tay Cher Siang

There he is, doing the shadow-play on his keyboard, Cher Siang and his fellow FBI agent (see previous post for clue in on the FBI agents band) Vincent Ong on double bass.

I've been ZUNGed! Zung of The Photoz gave me this at this gig - the fabulous wedding of Michael & Amanda at JW Marriott in Starhill.

Now on to something new I picked up more than a year ago, dancing. I took up dancing class at Caterpillar studio because I don't want to be a singer with two left feet, also I was quitting from a gym (running on the treadmill with loud music around you is no fun really), I needed a good replacement of work out activity. Ann Tan (principal in Caterpillar) is a wonderful dance teacher, a woman, and friend. Look what she helped me do...

the 3rd routine I did at our 2nd studio concert (Groovylicious Charity Concert), Tango-ish lap dance, we named it The Sizzling Housewives (most of the classmates are hot mothers) - it's a reprise from our first concert back in June.

I passed Ann a CD of sexy cabaret numbers, Fever (Holiday), songs from Chicago, Cabaret and I included Sondheim & Madonna's Hanky Panky (Dick Tracy) on the ended up as our concert item. I was at first cursing at the tempo and having to catch up with the choreography...well you know what, practice make perfect, in my case, it was practice makes me better.

The opening number of the concert was...erm, in costumes (police woman, cow girl, nurse, school girls, devil...) :) from our Monday morning class of Sizzle & Burn. A cardio lap dance class, with who else, very hot mothers and me.

The last item was attitude & energy-filled Kill The Lights (Britney Spears), a routine we started months before in the Tuesday's jazz class. Pic by Justin. Also in the picture is Manuella from Belgium, she choreographed the Sizzling Housewives item.

Ann gave me a slot for my sing-songing. I picked New York New York. Nerve-wrecking to be on the dance floor singing by myself with no dancers...but I love it at the end.

With acting workshop also took its last bow on Tuesday this week. I was given the chance to work on Stella Kon's Emily Of Emerald Hill. The verdict is that I hadn't done enough research and homework on the 4-page scene given to me. Ling and Kok Man did their best with our 14-class duration and all 15 of us walked out of the workshop with new knowledge, new ideas and reminders of the work ahead of us, if we were to continue on the tough tough path of acting and performing.
the class of 2009, Kok Man & Ling Tan in front. Karen missing from the last class, she is at down under visiting her daughter.

Ok, it's really time to get going and buy those potatoes & vege. My most current project and no less exciting, my first home, a flat named Viva :) am moving to Jalan Ipoh next month. A brand new beginning, of hopefully, more home cook meals, and less clutter (I have two ceiling-height wardrobes and a guest room at my disposal for clothes).

Home in the making...second hand chandeliers from Amcorp Mall flea market, thanks to Seeming!! Secondhand leather reclining chair (for my Mr Big, J) from
Happy new year!

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