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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Sky Is Crazy girl is BACK!!

Hehe, I always get a kick when I tell people that The Sky Is Crazy author Yvonne Lee is my sister, and they go like, "HAA? Really? I have her booook!!! Wow you her sisteeer???"

Well, if you have her first book, it's now time to go get her second in major book stores :)

when she let me go through her manuscripts months ago, I couldn't help but smile and nodding to the stories she tells through those the title suggest, it's a book We women can relate too, and for the male species, something to understand us a little better.

Nice book for your girlfriends this Christmas!!! Hehe, wicked idea? Well, look out for its review in magazines & dailies :)

Book talk & signing session next Sunday at MPH Midvalley @ 4pm...come join us.

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

recovery report

Today I feel 99% back to normal, voice-wise.

Had my third session of speech therapy with Dr Farah @ Speech HELP yesterday, we worked on reducing my nasality in singing, most enlightening experience as my first two sessions. I have found out too, that sessions with speech therapist for singers in this town is most rare, or next to none, off the singers I know.

Some people respond with a chuckle upon hearing the word `therapy', well, I can tell you that so far 90% of my session work content are factual and scientific exercises. Farah very simply, explains how things work, in this case, how voice works. And if you think what's a singer doing not knowing how it works -- I didn't know. I know HOW TO SING -- that's different from knowing every intricate muscle, parts inside my body, mechanism, etc that produce the sound that I make.

Which also explains why not all singers make singing teachers. I get many enquiries on whether I can teach singing -- no, singers are not singing teachers, different skills, different talent.

Anyway, I mean to update...I feel much better today. My voice feels normal. I sang.

I have an air purifier in my room now, also an air humidifier. I been having regular meals, and a lot more sleep, and LOTs, A LOT Of water in my system.

Been getting nice drop-ins from friends who checked on my condition, most asked, "Aiyo, eh, why are you so sick ah? Why taking so long to recover ah?"

Answer is I don't really know why is taking so long to recover and why I SO SICK, exactly. But my strong guesses are that I wasn't taking care of myself before.

I think that is the answer.

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