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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Janet learns to rock

I am Lulu :) - story below...

A new simple, and straightforward, yet sophisticated pleasure in life for me :)

oh, the joy of getting professional manicure & pedicure, and a good one that is.

Background - I had my finger nails done once, a few years ago, for fun. Have never had my toes done before by a professional. Three weeks ago I cut my toe nails too short and been walking around with ugly feet, feeling silly and the urge to look good down there :)

I went to JJ Nail (Midvalley branch) as recommended by Zal who likes having hers done nicely, and got Kai Yean - and she is FAB, gave me sexy beautiful nails that last and last.

What an instant look-lifter :) to be able to stretch out your nails (now proudly cleansed & colored) and feel about 50% more worldly and womanly.

So I have decided, Lulu this October on Pentas 1 will have beautiful nails throughout the month-long run of I Have A Date With Spring. Though might need to clear with costume department on the...allowed (?) and appropriate color on Lulu's nails.

Chris Tong (playing Fung Peng) & Sam Tseu (Tai Kai Lok) at the publicity shot last month.

A sneaky snap of what happened at the publicity shot for Date. These six guys will bring you the fantabulous live soundtrack of I Have A Date With Spring The Musical (Oct 11th - 25th @ KLPac).

Our StarMag feature on Date's costume can be viewed here...I will upload the full spread in PDF on my media page soon.

The other thing that preoccupies my mind mostly lately is the exercise, and learning to produce emotion & feeling on cues. My journey in the rehearsal room is about to end, scripts were off hand since ages ago. Stage blocking is pretty much in place, 99%. The soul-searching for Lulu's scene-to-scene emotion is still on-going.

A few literal acting notes to self:

- when you REALLY understand why your character says a line, most likely you'll know how to move, or how to emote.

- when you DO SEE the image of something/someone you are saying or describing, your audience will mostly likely to follow your character's emotion - and you will be able to feel the moment of feeling too.

- when you are able to see yourself/your character in the scene, you are most likely able to deliver a believable & natural portrayal of the story.

- relax...but focus.

At supper last night, I picked Steve Yap (playing Karl Sum)'s brain on getting into acting from zero training. He said in lieu of formal training, you learn from getting yell at shoots (he is a screen actor before Date), you learn on the job, from collecting more instincts as you go down the road of acting.

ok, back to work. Glad to find time to write. Talk soon...ending the rehearsal room journey this Sunday. Fingers crossed :)

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