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Saturday, April 19, 2008

breathe again...and memories of Shenzhen

Note to self, breathe.

I tell myself I deserve to breathe and loosen up the grip of my hand on the steering wheels when I drive...

Ego can take you to places but it can also break you, reminder to self. With thanks to Nicole who reminded me.

anyway, while I write, some pictures from my trip to Shenzhen in to relax with...coz it's food and travel :)
J and I were in heaven, sweet potato porridge and dishes...
...give me white porridge ANY DAY :)

Anyway, had some crazy weeks before this and some crazy ones ahead but I am happy to find this moment to blog. I like (like so many people in the city too) a busy schedule at work and play but I need to float on top of it.

not that I don't already know this...
"Highly-strung people get more disease...stress major factor in health."

I'm having the most exciting (singing) schedule since I started in the business. I have to juggle between getting to shows on time and learning my music in time to get on stage...also handling disappointments, rejections, complaints, people...just like any normal job ain't it?

But performing is different from say, handling an advertising campaign with a team. Performing is just you, out there and up there, open to anyone and everyone's critic. Criticism comes a lot closer to your heart for the performers. But where reward is due, the satisfaction is sweeter too.

And the thing I have to remind myself about ego, really, sometimes, there's only a thin fine line between...separating misery and happiness. A lot of times, happiness is a matter of the mind...

so...breathe....and live...

anyway, back to more pictures of Shenzhen :)

my man on holidayvery spicy snack
my nick name, what friend Nell calls me

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The new boy on the block...

New born :)
Joel James Chee, my new nephew and mother Yvonne
fascinated, me....see, Joel was full of expressions & character for a new born of few-hours old...
normally not very maternal me, I felt strangely attached and attracted to this new boy, we barely made eye contact because he was sleeping mostly during my short visit earlier. But there was something about the way he moves and sounded, yes, he was quite vocal for a small fella...he seems strong and full of vigor an character.

Little Yva (his big sister of 11 years) made him a baby pillow with his name sewn on, pity I didn't take a picture of that...purple color pillow, made from love.

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