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Monday, February 27, 2006

Don't Hate Me, Learn From Me

Got into the cages for my third SPAC jumble sale at 10:10am, left at 11:40am, total damage = RM 88

latest addition to my wardobe

all the clothes were at RM2 each...

a Donna Karan NY white shirt bodysuit
a Zara Woman black shirt
a podka dot dress by Sonny San
a Tammy long black dress
a Je'taime peasant top
several vintage blouses, my fave one is a see thro black blouse with ruffles on the front
several vintage dresses
some batek shirts
some skirts (to turn into tube dresses)
a lingerie slip

I also got some amazing necklaces and earrings at unbelievable prices, only at SPCA jumble sale...perfect for my shirt shirt and jeans combo, or with those flirty dresses.

Drenched in animal furs and perspire, I left the crowded SPCA....leaving the maddening heat and absolutely adorable dogs, mostly ignoring the madness around them and sleeping in their shaded cages.

I get the evil look from women all the time, for owning some of the quirkiest, most amazingly affordable frocks, sexy drapes, bags, crazy earrings and anything female...but what they don't see is the effort put in.

You want these clothes you literally got to work for it -- shopping in flea markets like SPCA jumble sale is not for everyone, especially the faint hearted ones, with allergies to animal furs, dust and sweaty crowd. In places like PJCC Community Link outlets, you need to wade thro mountains of donated clothing to get to your amazing evening dress at RM8, etc.

The slightly comfortable ones are Second Charm (TTDI), Amcorp Mall on Sundays, even so, you need to get used to the idea of getting your dainty hands dirty in boxes of old clothes, that smell like old clothes, to harvest your gems. Now you can get your second hand DESIGNER gear at Plaza Mon't Kiara (Block E, Treasures) where the outlet is quiet and fully-air-conditioned with clean changing room, for the price you will pay.

Don't forget to sacrifice at least one whole day when you travel overseas, whether it's for business or with family, to snoop around the local opportunity shops (they call it that in UK and Australia, I think) and flea markets on weekends (usually). Surf the net before you leave, or better, when you check into your hotel, have a quick chat with your hotel personnel on where to go, how to go. I still get enquiries on the first item I bought in Sydney, a 8-dollar leather belt I bought at this Sunday market right down the road from the King's Cross the same market I got my 8-dollar Audrey-inspired dress, an Indian-wrap skirt that has been getting endless compliments, 5 years after I have bought it in King's Cross, Australia.

In Hong Kong on business, I got time off from my boss to scan-shop around Causeway Bay one afternoon. In a dingy boutique on stock clearance sale, I got my turquoise blue suede boots for RM50, two sizes too big, as usual, the sales girl offered two pairs of shoe cushions to have the boots fit me.

So the key word here is...perseverance and never say I don't knwo where to go, if you don't want great clothes for cheap prices, you won't find them.



I'm high...

One of the biggest perks for me in being in an opera is the music rehearsals...if you REALLY love music. Forget the fact that the money that you take home at the end of production can't get you a new car, I do it for the fact that I get to get totally high on having to rehearse, and watch others rehearse with orchestra. It's watching magic unfolds in front of my eyes, seeing how the magic of music is made...with the stroke of a finger, slap of palm...

I love lying down to catch my breathe from running through my scene, and listen to singers rehearse with the musicians. I only hope I could tell my friends who think little of performing arts the `remuneration' I'm getting is really, beyond what a lot of money can buy. I also love watching other singers in the operas going thro their scenes and lines, with full gusto.

Of course then the downside of falling in love with your production inside out is that, you won't be able to watch the magic on stage. I guess being able to witness the behind the scene magic will make up for it.

As for you, those of you who aren't in the production, come watch and listen to the most intelligent music being performed, I challenge you...I wouldn't con you into saying this is mainstream entertainment but Malaysians have got to start somewhere, in getting used to intelligent arts, and substance.

Yes, am talking about M! The Opera...

Show details here and information on music here. Constantly being updated with media coverage is here.

Unofficial website for M!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

M! Team

This is the drama minggu ini.

M! folks rock.



Friday, February 17, 2006

Beware of sleepy driver...

I'm officially dangerous on the not proud, but am recording it down here as a reminder and warning to myself.

I fall asleep on the wheels a lot these days. The best solution has been stopping half way and nap before I continue the painful journey home. The tricks I have tried to stay awake have been, singing out loud, slapping my thighs really hard, stretching, listening to my mp3 player. None of these help.

Apart from that, I have developed a serious addiction to eating while driving...there's a high I get in scooping a mouth-full of nasi lemak while overtaking the Satria next to me. Meals taste seriously good while I eat it, driving.

It sounds seriously wrong to me, because I can't explain why I like it so much.

Nowadays I have my little pink vacuum cleaner in my bedroom, when the floor gets too `hairy' I get another kind of high vacuuming it before I get back to my endless emailing business. I know I really should just keep the cleaner in the store room so that my housemate (whom I don't see much) can share it. I bet she is still confused about what I do for a living.

While we are rehearsing mad for M!, PGL has sold out all tickets. If you go to their website you'll find there's a lot of `coming soon' information...but who cares, the box office is burning with bums!!

In the midst of crazy media interviews and lots of broadcasting, the producers whip things together for our Monday launch at the JW Marriot. Looks like I might get to debut my other Zara dress. AM excited to be seeing all sponsors, and media people all in one hall, with cast and creatives...

I will have break after this epic opera, this time I actually plan it, a shopping trip to Bangkok.

M is for Monday...launch....



Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Don't sulk, move on

If you cry, you will cry alone.

If you laugh, the world will laugh with you.

** ** **

One of the best lesson I learned since adulthood is that we always have a choice in how shitty our lives can be -- it's all about how you program your mind to take it.

The power of our's mindlessly powerful.

Stress level has not been easy lately and I have come to a point where disappointment is a daily routine, but now I've learned to say, "So WHAT? I will fix the bloody problem!"

End of the day, it is YOU YOURSELF who will see you through the ups and downs. You will rise quicker if you decide not to dwell on the low point.

As simple as this may sound, sometimes all I need to do is simply, to shrug shittiness off my shoulder and move on. Shrugging takes great mind effort you know, try it and see.

So, lighten up la folks...

I shall end my [Soul Doc Self Help 101] today with delightful pictures by Michelle, taken during our M! rehearsal...

what do you do when you got locked out of your rehearsal space? you clown around and make Shiraz (production manager) & Jo (director & dramaturg)

During your short break, you take a short breather outside and pose some more...

from left: Justin, Usamah & Nicole


Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Fat Story

Z said I'm a disgusting skinny woman with a tummy. Hehe, I's disgusting but that should make bigger people feel better right? Wouldn't it?

Kinda like when you meet beautiful people with no talent, you go like: "God is fair!"


Yes, I have a tummy and I certainly not looking like when I was 22...not an inch of fat on me. People said I complain too much and tell me I'm skinny and I don't have a tummy. They just don't get it, you see, I'm a damn good sucker (not when Z caught me not sucking in) -- that reads both way...I've proven to be a soft-hearted idiot too.

Back to sucking in, yes, I'm good at that. But that's because I suck at losing the tummy fat (not helping the fact that I'm lazy too).

So I went to ask the wise one...he is a wise one who doesn't necessarily practise what he knows

J: i'm reading about antibodies and immune system - quite interesting but i don't seem to even understand half of it...

me: how come?

J: too many terms i'm not familiar with - going to take too much time to look up all the terms - so i'm just trying to absorb the big picture - as usual....
me: can you research on vegetarians? how to be healthy...eating out all the time, in KL!!

J: already did - that's why ii ordered kangkung last night

J: 2 main things you have to worry about - proteins and iron

me: ok, so eggs, tofu, milk...good enough?

J: as long as you have eggs once a week at least, you'll have the proteins...the iron's a little more difficult

me: ok...can you research then...on skinny people with a tummy? and how to lose it?

J: exercise, simple

J: running/swimming at least 3 times a week, each time, you'll have to sweat more then 20 mins

J: latest research shows that is not specifically the vegetarian diet that's more healthy - at least not necessarily, its their lifestyles...more vegetarians don't smoke and drink as well

me: but thats not specific for tummy losing...

J: you can't exercise for a specific spot - it doesn't work

me: it does! why not

J: there's not prove that it does, when you exercise, you can't tell the body to burn fat from a specific area of your body - there's just no way. all you can do is develop certain muscles - growing muscles can be spot or localised areas, so running/swimming will reduce your tummy
me: or it might not - since you say you cant tell the body to burn fat spec area

J: that's right - it will burn fat all round - not just a specific area - that's why running will burn and burn and burn fat

J: the only problem is - it will also burn fat from your boobs...

me: my bras will soon not fit? is that a bad thing? how lar..

J: its ok - its not a bad thing


That's totally the opposite of what I have been told all this time by people who supposedly know a lot more. I have dozens of girls who told me specific exercises for the butt, tummy, waist,

so I went on...

me: but That's totally the opposite of what I have been told all this time by people who supposedly know a lot more...they say you can exercise, to burn one particular part...ppl do special exercises to be fit in one place

me: like swimmers have big shoulders, dancers have toned thighs, gymnasts have small breasts, and women does waist exercises to have small

J: that's a myth

me: what about ppl go to gym to do special work out with their trainers? you mean trainers are con men too?

J: waist exercises don't necessarily burn fat around the waist but can build and tone their waist muscles. no, good trainers will tell you the same thing that you can spot burn fat only spot tone a muscle. if one exercise regularly, they would need more energy. the energy is usually taken from carbohydrates and sugar stored in our body, but once our body runs out of sugar and carbs, the body will then start to burn fat. the fat it burns don't necessarily come from any specific part of our body - its used from all around.

Then he gave me this link

it says..

How to Reduce a Fat Stomach?

However, if you already have a fat belly, the best option is to follow a healthy weight loss diet, combined with fitness exercises such as aerobics (to burn extra calories) and a stomach-toning workout to help tighten and strengthen abdominal muscles. That said, reducing a fat stomach takes time - especially if you are an apple-shape. Despite what commercials say, there is no diet-plan or type of exercise that can "target" your fat stomach. So please don't get impatient. Your fat belly will disappear, I promise.

Hmmm, shall we?

These days and age (of easy life, conveniences, excess food, etc) we work heard to look trim...while our ancestors were trim and fit because they worked hard for food and survival.

How ironic.


Friday, February 03, 2006

Making Faces....

Updated the M! blog with some pictorial stories...go check it out.

One of the pics..The Atelier girls in act two, silly posing at the publicity shoot done before CNY.

SC Shegar, our photographer, guided us through a session of making faces that day...he talked us through some fantastic poses that were natural and not pretencions...look at how we luaghed!!

Completed three interviews in one week before CNY with the M poele, will update the blogs on the stories when they run the print.

Hmm...past healthy bed time, better hit the sack, got radio interview tomorrow for our dramaturg, Jo, on rasio 4, 10am.



Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I managed to get up just 15 mins past 7am today after a really nice night of sleep without any mosquitoes. Mom cooked me and bro some vegetarian noddles with very little seasoning for breakfast.

We hit the road just before eight-thirty am and arrived in PJ just after eleven-thirty am. All roads and toll booths were clear...the weather fair and sunny. I have since got home, showered, sent out some urgent emails, and ate some vegan pineapple tarts my mom made (without egg). My suitcase left in the hall not unpacked.

Taiping was quite, incredibly hot but cooling in the night, especially in my parent's house where it's next to a hill and away from city lights and buzz. Sweet J came down on first day of CNY and we did a bit of leisurely driving round town.

Went round Lake Gardens, passed my Chinese high school but same as last year, the main gate was closed..fine, went round to Aulong where my primary Chinese school's gate was shut tight too. We peered out from the car window, I pointed to my old class room in primary six, the wooden sliding doors looked the same to me. Didn't see any new buildings like other schools, the only new feature to the school I haven't visited for over ten years were the shiny new metal gates.

My only luck was the Kamunting vocational school where I did my last two years in high years, I drove past the guard house, waved at the guy in the guard house. I explained to J why I ended up doing commerce or business studies in a vocational school, I could have done it in a normal academic was my dad's idea that I would get jobs easily if I had a cert from a vocational school.

While in Kamunting we drove to the ISA detention camp or what we thought was it -- says something like Pusat Pertahaan or Pelindungan something, something...J said it looked not like ISA, because the compound didn't look like has a great deal of security. At night when I asked my dad, he said the infamous jail was indeed, just down the road from the vocational school...

Done with Kamunting, we head back to the lake gardens and ended up at the foot of Maxwell Hill. Very luckily and quickly we got a slot to park my Sunny in that over-crowded touristy place. We bought cone ice cream and stood there watching families played and picnicked in the stream...old nannies and grannies sat on the grass or on mats with packed food from homes. Toddlers, adults, parents and babies soaked in the water. Just outside the entrance to Maxwell Hill, was the town's public pool, I never knew that it was `Malaysia's first and only fresh water pool'...huh?

J and I walked into the pool house, curious to see how the whole world could swim in that small place. A counter was set up in front of the pool and a man asked approaching crowd, "Berapa budak?" We had a bag of fried Cempedak from outside, so we sat down at the canteen area next to the pool and ordered cold drinks; they also served laksa (RM2), and other noddles, and rent out swimming shorts. Basically nobody steps into the pool, everyone either jumps in or dive one was doing laps or serious swimming but I guess wading around in a pool full of people beats sitting in the sun bursting in sweat.

In the evenings when I didn't go out I did lots of catching up of Chinese movies on TV. If you don't have ASTRO in your home during CNY, you basically will be watching lots of movies with these actors in them: Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Kelly Chen, Tony Leung, Andy Lau...and a few others I can't name.

And guess what, my mom knows who Chef Jamie Oliver is. She obviously doesn't speak English but she said if his show is on TV (8 TV), she doesn't need to see his face to tell that it's him on TV, in that funny, slurring and blurry talking voice, she said.

After lots of cauliflowers and soya products, driving round like crazy in hot sun, and many sms greetings, am back in my familiar desk top where I would work for hours without any home cook meals. Though I like waking up to an empty apartment and eat whenever I like, there's nothing, NOTHING like having home cook (or MOM-cook) food everyday.

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