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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dun wanna be a NATO officer

No Action, Talk Only

I have talked of many grand plans, pondered and considered, but the execution part of the plans usually sputtered and died halfway. I consider these plans Grand because they seem so great that I didn't gather enough steam to reach the finish lines.

Basically am saying however big or small my plans were, I have the annoying habit of not follow through with my ideas and plans.

I still haven't started back on piano-playing.

There are still too many old songs I haven't quite mastered.

I still make a mess with the keys to my songs.

I still haven't started on learning more pop songs.

I haven't been practicing my classical repertoire...

I haven't been back in voice classes...


There are far too many books on my shelf that I haven't read, and wonder if I'll ever get to them before I leave this world, at the rate I'm going with one book.

I still don't eat well enough, too lazy to even get up to make a Milo drink, or a sandwich.

I chat too much on my PC.

With all that said, I'm having a fantabulous start of the year, can't imagine a year to start any better than the one am having.

Last year ended with a wedding dinner show on the 31st, I managed to get home and escaped the congestion before midnight - watched two sets of fire works from the windows of my room while talking to J on the phone from Thailand (he was on a biking trip and finishing a book before the clock strike twelve) - got all comfy and enjoyed a bowl of hot noddles - bliss.

My new year started with a great mini musical for a fundraising outing, they raised RM 200, 000 from the event.

Exactly two days later I took a week-long holiday down at Tasmania and Melbourne with Sush. A real holiday at last. Blew my Maxis account while I was there, bookings for me to sing in KL were streaming in while I burn my Ringgit on Australian fine food & vintage gowns.

I came home nine days later to J's waiting for me at LCCT and some nice char keow teow to follow. Then on full force to five gigs span over two weeks...strings of corporate appreciation dinners.

I just got home from my last gig for this month, another dry cleaning in the laundry bin. Thirty days gone in 2010. Eleven months left, fast huh?

Not that I want to live my life according to the calender and a string of "I-Should-Do-This"s. I am stopping in my track now to ask...

What have been stopping me from doing what I started out to do? The list of "I-Still-Haven't-Done-That"s.

I guess the answer can only be Me.

I get it.

I want to get better at my music & songs, there is no better time to start working on it other than now. Be it Dec of 2009 or Feb or Jan or July of 2010...the word is Now.


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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm moving out

It's official, yay!

Feb 10th, into the new home.

Hopefully with less clutter!

Here's to packing into the CNY!

VIVA here I commmmeee!