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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The golden eyes

Inspired by something old (my next entry), I created something new for myself. A new eye make up for me....who's never ventured out of anything other than smoky eyes.

The golden
apply your base color (mine is MAC's Rite of Spring, Veluxe Pearl), then line your eyes as usual, I created my smoky eyes with Maybeline eyeliner and MAC's Beauty Marked eyeshadow.

Blend blend blend...

then I applied Arezia's Diamond Liquid Eyeliner, color: gold. Go over a few times and create a thick line above your lashes. As it is glitter (and for stage use, in my case), the thik line of gold glitter liner doesn't have to be perfectly blended or smudged evenly...

Lip colors (blend): Clinique's Creamy Nude with ZA's S06
Lipgloss: The Body Shop Hi-Shine Lip Treament

Mascara base: Lacome's Clis Booster
Mascara: black Dejavu Fiberwig (SASA)

Blusher: MAC's bronzing powder - Refined Beyond Bronze (recommended for tanned skin like mine)

and this is the result.
This make up was used for my performance at the Royal Lake Club's Harriers CNY Run last night. I designed my version of Cabaret done at A Cut Above (Kathy), low bun with pink feathers and gold sequin flower. Black bareback dress from Miss Selfridge, with gold Latin shoes, thrown in vintage gold belt (bought in flea market) for a cinched waist.

Dancing with my dashing guest at the dinner, Mike, while singing Sway

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Taiping blog

Chinese new for me, but for my mom?

We all ate and ate, she cooked and cooked.

My mom takes pride in cooking for her family...sadly now only about once a year. She and dad have very simple meals on their own in Taiping. It's hard to persuade her to put down her apron to go out and eat in a restaurant during new year, hard maybe not the word...she never let us convinced her that we love her just as much even if she doesn't make us the usual new year feast for days during the celebration.

Don't get the wrong idea, her cooking is above average cooking if not excellent. I, for the same reason why I'm weird, enjoy washing up for the folks after every meals and cook-out; but the amount of work involved to produce the dishes is really, really, something else.

Anyway, maybe next year she'll listen to her children.
Mom at the wet market

Like any year, this Chinese new year I had the privilege again to help round in the kitchen. Mom and I washed up literally every single plate in the cabinet before the eve of new year. Most plates now stay in the cabinet all year through except during new year when they get to be on `main stage'.

Some of the older plates there, each plate carries a memory of different dish for me. As I ran water over each plate n bowl, I couldn't help but feel hungry....hungry for the food I used to eat during my growing up years in Taiping - food from my mom's kitchen.

My family turned vegetarians (except for my sister now) quite some years back but I remember dishes my mom used to make even before we stopped eating meat. There's a plate with fishes drawn on it where my mom used for her famous chicken curry (lots of garlic and potatoes!!). Then of course, there is my favourite flat plate with floral print because it reminds me of those absolutely devilish `hor-pao-dan' (fried eggs with the yolks still soft and golden covered with egg white) my mom used to fry for her kids. You CAN'T find any chap-fan store in KL where they have fried eggs like that.

Now slowly the plates will start to become my Chinese new year memories, but no less they stay as my childhood memories.

Other than my mom's plates, I found my old diaries! Packed in a plastic bag in the corner of my room (now my dad's study room...looks like a store room). Among my diaries from the early to mid 90s, I found two autograph books from my school days.

Boy, those early diaries written in Mandarin!! I guess now I know how I lose my roots in some point, maybe at round 1993, I stopped writing diaries in Mandarin and turned to English!

SeeMing n Sim were there when we had a mini party in my Taiping bedroom reading my diaries.
we had drinks opposite The Lake Gardens before they head off to SeeMing's home

Sim could only managed the school autographs written in English, SeeMing picked out all the funny, and embarrassing entries and we were rolling on the floor...she said this should go out to all young and schooling persons:

Start a diary today, or make sure you keep your old school autograph books

so that you could in future, look back on your pages and laughed yourself silly with entries like:

from 1994 school autograph book, this boy wrote:

"ambitions (his, not mine): scientist, Army (consider to be GI only), actor (consider Hollywood only)

my philosophy: western philosophy
dream: to be an American"

(you can only guess the choas in my room when Sim found that entry....I have lost touch with most of these friends, I hope his dream came true though)

another one was like...

"first of all I want to say sorry because I couldnt pass this book to AC because I didnt go tuition." (written in English AND Mandarin!!)

Haven't had time to go through all my diaries...will sure find time one day soon to read all and `relive' those moments.

More Taiping pics...

My dad's Datsun
My dad and niece, Yva, who is already starting on her first Paulo Coelho
Yva and brother Julian...and mom in the kitchen
Mom and my aunt (seated) in the Ipoh house
Another year...another Taiping blog entry. I hope to see mommy soon in KL....

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What you doing this Wednesday?

Am going to my third philosophy class!!! Hishamudin Rais (lecturer and currently exotic food critic , columnist at Off The Edge) invited all losers at the dating game (on Valentine's day) to continue the journey down history of philosophy and class of critical thinking on Vday, 830pm...
The place to be tomorrow at 830pm if you are not out spending unnecessarily on expensive wine, dinner and flowers...

2nd floor, The Annexe @ Central Market, Jalan Hang Kasturi, KL.

or it could be you are just date-less and not working over-time and don't feeling like goin home after 7pm.

Am going because I think I'm hooked on Rais' happen his 3rd lesson falls on Feb 14. Tomorrow's topic: Plato

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Homecoming at Food Not Bombs

I went to my first Food Not Bombs KL (FNBKL) serving in years on Sunday. For slightly over a year few years ago, Justin and I spent all our Sundays serving free vegetarian food outside the Cathedral church at Jalan Bukit Nanas.

The serving...
vegetarian fried rice
good thing he got the last bit of the salad
the `side dish', butter and strawberry jam sandwiches
Tommie (in white) handing out the sandwiches
Boiled eggs for all
on the street where they feed allJustin and I brought to the serving about 6 suitcases of the leftover clothes from my morning jumble sale
for the folks there...
The people taking the food from FNBKL are mainly homeless and addicts, the folks I saw on Sunday looked different from the ones few years ago. This bunch on Sunday were younger and look healthier but we were happy to invite them to the free wardrobe.

David, a friend of FNBKL. I like his style

Herve & Alind, volunteer and friends of FNBKL
Reclaim the street...
Alind's new shirt, a gift from Alfeen, bought in Shanghai. Yes I told him what it says..."I'm a mad guy."After washing up and packing up, a bunch of us went to the nearby restaurant for a quick drink. Mi and Taek are travelling Koreans on their bicycles. They volunteered at the servings while they were here. Their project before moving on was planting vegetables for FNBKL at the current FNBKL house. They are goin to Bangkok today...
Kim, with life well-lived, telling her colorful life account over drinks and rotis.
J n I left just before 930pm, we went home dead tired. We finished the leftover dinner at his house and washed up....we went to bed happy, and that was what we did to celebrate OUR Valentine's day, on a Sunday.

If you are interested to find out more about FNBKL or volunteer for the serving, drop me an email ok?

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Monday, February 05, 2007

The sad one at the wet market

This looks like I was stalking this old woman I saw this morning...was out in the wet market (Sec 17 PJ) with J' s old Mama and I saw this woman walking out of the restaurant where we were buying some early lunch. She caught my attention because of her frail figure and her visible limping., when she passed me I saw a big cut on her finger but there was no blood and she looked almost expressionless. A quick and strong surge of sadness just flooded over and swept me off my feet and my feet followed her..turned out she was walking the same direction as us because Mama wanted to see if the garlic vendor van was out there. I took three shots of her back...and I noticed she had other wounds and scars on her.

Old people have that effect on me, those look vulnerable and frail on the surface do. Of course you guess that they are all that, poor, frail, sick, helpless. You can only guess that they are all that by the way they look.

I don't know if that's my subconscious fear of becoming old and helpless or like normal people, I get depressed when I see a picture of vulnerability...and then I spend the day feeling guilty for what I have.

Z said we need to see beyond just the picture in black and white, I think sometimes what's on the surface is all that we can see, for that moment in time.

That woman could be happily living with her children and likes to wander around on her own...but then again, who knows till you find out.

KM said we shouldn't have to feel guilty about our lifestyle because of others living differently, being appreciative and grateful are virtues we can embrace, like doing our part in life should there is such thing as our part in this life.

While I know for a fact that I'm not about to become a welfare & social worker tomorrow, I tell myself that if I will work hard on my craft and my music, I'm doing my part in this life and on this planet. It's like repaying life for what it has given me, the luxury to sing and perform, the gift of music and people who allow me to go for the dream, you know who you are :)

"Sing, sing, sing, for the love you bring won't mean a thing until you sing, sing, sing."

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Music in a prison cell

It feels like this to me, this week back home...

I'm in a prison cell this week, it has Internet, mobile phone, CD player, air-con and all that. I would be released when I'm done memorizing my music work before Chinese new year.

But this evening round dinner time I would let out on parole, or maybe I can say it's on official prison duty - am off to the home of Lady One to show proof of work done in the last two days, in my own cell.


While music is libearating, in the case of a performer who hasn't done her work it can be as painful as sitting in a lone cell.

I'm drilling in my vocal parts for my second role in Magic Flute, Selected Excerpts In Concert, 2nd Lady.

The recording of 1st Lady (Khoo Mei Ling) playing on the piano for me played straight for two days in my `cell'. Mei Ling was kind to offered help at the earliest point, we had a late night after in front of her piano the same day we met officially at KLPAC for a production meet.

This is how any singer without the skill of sight-singing learn a new piece of music, memorize all vocal parts by listening, and repetition. Mei Ling played me all the vocal lines of 2nd Lady, I went home with the recording and it would be my bible until I have them all in my head, or like the back of hand.

Am rewarding myself this morning by blogging because I may now report that I have got one (of the two) quintet (a song for 5 voices) down in my head, at least 85%. The goal for the rest of the day would be to start on the second quintet.

I know it's a little too early now to indulge but I imagine my Chinese new year without stress, having done all my 2nd Lady music work before I go home to see ma n pa. I would singing my parents up the wall with those strange isolated lines of the quintet...while I help them pack ang pows and wash dishes.

Oh, and that short, and lovely duet with Papageno...I will sing it to pieces in Taiping!

Now I must get back to my work or none of that will happen, wish me luck!

I leave you with the show details of

Magic Flute
Selected Excerpts In Concert

with KLPac Sinfonietta

Artistic Director: Joe Hasham
Director & Executive Producer: Dato' Faridah Merican
Producer: Marge Chew
Music Director: Chong Kok-Ting
Conductor: Brian Tan

Peter Ong (Tamino)
Tan Sin Sim (Queen Of The Night)
Irma Lailatul Munira (Pamina)
James Long (Papageno)
John Tan (Sarastro)
Khor Mei Ling (1st Lady)
Janet Lee (2nd Lady & Papagena)
Wang DiXia (3rd Lady)

This March, KLPac will be staging the concert version of Mozart's ever popular opera, The Magic Flute. This was Mozart's last opera, first performed in Vienna in 1791 and thereafter performed to great success.

Directed by Dato' Faridah Merican and narrated by Joe Hasham, this KLPac production will feature young albeit extremely talented classical singers whose powerful voices will be accompanied by a 40-piece orchestra, KLPac Sinfonietta.

The Magic Flute aims to reach a wider audience by presenting opera in a more accessible and innovative form with the aid of visual projections. Both, opera lovers and new theatre goers, should not miss this spectacular sensory experience!

The wicked Queen of the Night convinces Prince Tamino to save her beautiful daughter Pamina who was kidnapped by Sarastro. In return, she promises Pamina to the Prince. Tamino sets out to save Pamina with a bird-catcher, Papageno. Three ladies-in-waiting of the Queen give Tamino a magic flute to help protect him from danger. They give a set of magic bells to Papageno and send three children to help guide them.

Meanwhile, Papageno finds a girl rather like him. Even her name, Papagena, sounds like his!

Sarastro is not the tyrant the Queen makes him out to be. He has kidnapped Pamino to save her from her evil mother. Tamino is put through tests by Sarastro for him to prove worthy of Pamina. The Queen tries to get Pamina to kill Sarastro but fails.

On the final day of their tests, Tamino and Pamina go through the Trial by Fire & Water. As Tamino plays the Magic Flute, they emerge unharmed, saved by the power of the Magic Flute.

Pentas 1,
The Kuala Lumpur Performing Ars Centre,
Sentul Park, Jalan Strachan
off Jalan Ipoh,
51100 Kuala Lumpur.


22 March - 25 March 2007

22 March - 24 March @ 8.30pm
24 March - 25 March @ 3.00pm

Tickets (On Sale Soon)
RM 50, RM 40, RM 30 (students, seniors & disabled)

Box Offices:
603-4047 9000 (KLPac)
603-2094 9400 (The Actors Studio)

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