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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tone Tiger Fink

Nicole and I have to say this --- we have seen quite enough weirdos, but we have never met anyone as crazy as Tone Fink.

Tone is Austria's famous paper artist...go google, but his site first.

Nic got us the gig (thanks Pat) four days before the event, it was for EUphoriA, An Austrian Evening of Imagination, Movement, Rhythm, Flame & Creation. The Austrian Embassy (in light of the European Presidency) put together that evening of performing arts, with a difference...

How different? Well, the items lined up for the evening? I quote its invite...

IMAGINE the dimensions of a celebrated paper artist
MOVE to the flow of the famous Viennese State Ballet dancers
experience the RHYTHM of an exceptional string orchestra
unleash the FLAME of astonishing fire sculptures
CREATE the sounds of overwhelming choral music

Back to the man, he is 63 with the energy of a 20-year-old man, the hyper-ness of a 5-year-old and he flirts like a 30-year-old. He is to me, no where near his age. We `rehearsed' (most of the movements and sounds made on stage that night were improvised on the spot) for one evening and got together for two days before the performance on May 26, a very wet Friday.

Tone doesn't walk, he skips.
He doesn't talk, he meows (yes, true).
He doesn't say goodbye, he only says Good Morning!

Instead of taking his bow during the finale, he took out his camera from his semi formal jacket and started taking snaps at the applauding audience.

Alvin, Nicole and I, the three `assistants' to the paper artist -- each got very special gifts from him, his art books and his textile, a silk scarf for each of us...ok, I got a hanky, with TONE FINK written all over in a maze!

Plus an experience to remember for a long time until we see him again!

Cheeky Fink with his gregarious curator, Ewald

This is contemporary art!

Clowning around in dressing room

more clowning in KLPAC's green room

After show drink with part of Tone's exhibition

Packing his art before taking him to the mamak again!

Other memories...

We shared dressing room with the fire artists, Ursula and Gab who fed us buns (for beer and wine, they said) from Austria, forgot the name but they were a think layer of dark brown on the outside, and white on the inside and it was YUMMMMMM!

Ursula sang us a song she wrote for one of her sculptures, a goddess in a bell shape I think all fire artists are great singers.

Ursula and Nicole playing with Tone's wooden whistlers (with Gerhard in the background, Counsellor & Deputy Head of Mission from the Austrian Embassy), each whistle mimics a different bird sound



Brand new Chinese

This is better than any master class I have ever been to...and it's not even about singing.

I'm getting, hmm, free, Mandarin classes at Dama Orchestra's rehearsal for Butterfly Lovers (in KLPAC this September) and it's making me feel good.

I went to the first cast meeting feeling like a fraud, all around me were voice-over talents, recording artist, etc....including some people from non related industries AND they spoke perfect Mandarin....ok now that I have had two sessions with the language coach already I know that there's hardly anyone close to perfection yet BUT they all speak better than me.

I feel like a brand new person after tonight's session with Qing Wen, the Mandarin coach. According to her, I have hope. Forget the fact that back in school we didn't have to do much recitation in Mandarin....I simply have left my Mandarin for way too long, think 9 years.

Anyway, I think I'm managing fine, I just need to work on the lines EVERYDAY to be GOOD comes showtime. Speaking good Mandarin will set one apart in KL, because you hardly meet anyone nowadays that do.

The line between saying a word right and wrong is so thin, so fine that it felt like French...when I said `sit' (zuo) for over hundreds time with the coach to get the right enunciation.

But you watch, you'll see, I will better than ever....comes showtime!



Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Round 2 - Jumble Sale for the Bold & Fashionable

Back by popular demand

Jumble Sale For The Bold & Fashionable - Round 2

May 27th, 2006


No 20, Jalan 11/10, Petaling Jaya
(section 11 -- near Crystal Crown Hotel)


10am - 7pm


electic mix of boho & urban chic looks....


(size S-L)
thai silk
vintage cuts
beaded dress
peasant tops
cat suit
sequinn pants
skinny jeans
dyed scarves


Beaded flats
Suede pumps
Hush Puppies heels
Calf length leather bots
Seude flats
Adidas running shoes

Classic shades
Vintage leather hangbags
Bohomian bangles
Indian Earrings
Pearl choker
Funky rings

price range from RM 5 to RM 15 per piece
specially assorted items at RM1 each

household knick knacks

great stuff at great bargain!

see you there!

spread the word!



Anger & jealousy....

....on a rainy Monday late night, chat with my incredibly knowledgeable man. I have refrained from calling him brilliant for I have decided to be humble on his behalf.

Tonight's topic, anger & jealousy...

J: can be angry, being angry can be good...and you don't need to justify your feelings. just FEEL. being angry can be a good tool. its something we've developed (being angry) through our evolutionary process. Being angry helps us focus.

When your ancestors used to live in was a very physical world. sometimes we need a little push. This push can come in many forms. One of the forms is emotion, being angry -- is a tool.

being angry at the right time, for the right amount, at the right people, for the right reason helps us focus our actions. It helps us single out our actions, prioritise them. but we must understand this thing -- being too angry to being angry for prolonged periods makes us stress. this stress is due to substances released in our bodies. these substance or hormones are used for us to focus on a subject or person or action for a short period of time. You will feel a little energized. if this energy is released appropriately, it may help us, actually.

in those olden days, it was usually physical strength that make or break us. therefore, being focused, action oriented and fuelled with hormones was a tool for our ancestors.

now, the problem is things has changed since. there's no lion that just killed your sibling or uncle that carried your sister don't need all that extra energy...need some of it, not all. prolonged state of being angry only leaves us frustrated, fatigue and even helpless. you need to channel your anger, suppressing it may not be the best of solutions.

there are generally 2 ways to deal with it.

1. ignore it completely, that is whenever an angry thought arises, quickly do something that will occupy your time

2. quickly think about something that will cause you full mental concentration that will distract you from the anger stimuli. remember the keywords 'stimuli' -- move or avoid the stimuli will help you avoid being angry...

3. another approach is to channel it this is much harder use the energy and turn it to something productive

Case study 1:

Alan, when very angry will mob his floor and clean his house. he's old, so he doesn't spend too much time cleaning, but when he's angry or upset, he's apartment gets a very thorough shine!!!!

Case study 2:

I run when i'm upset at work. i channel the anger to the treadmill and my running workout. but its dangerous if we don't understand it. for instance, for me, i tend to over run, leading to my injuries. so, being angry can motivate me to run, but i should still stick to my running plan.

me: man, you are so smart....i feel like, stupid.

J: you are smart also, that's why you figured out about the celebrity thingy.

(I told him about my thought on the celebrity phenomenon in this world, or rather, this world of mine, in KL, is that many celebrities are what they are for some quite shallow reasons. For example, they are celebrated by many, but not for making best music, not for discovering new medicines, not for cooking the best food, having the best brains, a great voice, great acting...saving people's lives, etc.

So really, there's little reason to be upset about not being in the same scale of publicity with them. So I thought....

Anyway, so I think, maybe it's more important to feel a sense of self-worth and understand what my own achievements are and not measure them to what the general public thinks)

me: but that thing is...that is a high awareness, it's not a popular thinking. i think it means i dun submit to the system and that means, one could out of the system.

J: everything starts with being highly aware. yes, the risk on non-conformity exists. poor anwar...but at least he's happy. happiness that comes from within is grander than when it originates from outside

J: anyway, being jealous is a residue of our past emotional tool

me: Emotional Tool?

J: can you guess why being jealous will actually help someone, a woman?

me: because it will propel her to to....

J: think about what jealousy makes somebody do...yes, propel her?

me: secure her relationships?

J: yes!

me: to focus on her securities?

J: yes!

me: you mean the right amount of jealousy work for a person right? otherwise you wont hear of those miseries from being too jealous.

J: exactly, it helps gives that extra motivation to fight off offending mates...jealousy, just like anger, gives us focus, energy and motivation to act. it's when we don't understand our own emotions, that's when things are unfortunate.

and so on.....

I hope you have benefited from this entry.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Crazy Saturday on May 20th, 2006

Some Saturdays are more popular than others, like this coming one, 20th.

Just look at all these crazy-happening stuff happening on THIS Saturday, all on the bloody same day.....if you have nothing planned yet, I suggest you take them all in in a strike, My choice, sure no regrets one...

here you go, the perfect recipe of a memorable, happening, satisfying Saturday.

in the morning...

(note from Dina Zaman)


MASSIVE, One-of-a-kind GARAGE S ALE! More than 12 families ALL selling under 1 roof!!!

"The List" for SALE includes:-

Household items like Crockery; China; Kitchenware; Electrical; TVs'; Fridge; Crystal, Decorative Ornaments, Xmas Decorations, Paintings,

Fashion items like Designer Bags/Shoes, Jewelry, Designer Ladies/Men's' Clothes, Hair accessories.

Baby/Children items like Baby Equipment, Prams, Car Seats, Cots, Bedding, Baby/Childrens' Clothes/Swimwear, Shoes, Toys.

Misc Items like Books, CD's, DVD's, VCD's, Bric-A-Brac & MUCH MORE!!!

Time: 10AM to 3PM


Then in the afternoon...

(note from Bernice Chauly)

after a long hiatus the i am pleased to inform you that the 'readings at 67tempinis' satu are back!

this month we feature some of kl's finest and newest writers

Ruhayat X
Jit Murad
Dina Zaman
Zedeck Siew
Farid Ramlee
Lainie Yeoh


Kam Raslan

time: 3.30 pm
date : 20 may 2006
where: 67 jalan tempinis satu, lucky garden, bangsar

'readings' is a monthly event where established, new and emerging writers come together to read new works and works-in progress. very simply, it is a chance to get heard.

'readings" is made possible by the kind and generous sponsorship of seksan at 67, tempinis satu, la bodega and is organized by bernice chauly.

see you there!

bernice chauly

hp: 012 323 0929

and then, evening....end it with a bang at the MPO with...

MPO Contemporary Music Series -
Feat world premiere of Chong Kee-Yong's "Tearless Moon"

Time: 830pm
Venue: Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS

Tickets at RM 35

(T): 603- 2051 7007;
(F): 603- 2051 7077;

The MPO, under the baton of Kevin Field, will perform four contemporary works, Daugherty's "Oh! Lois" from Metropolis Symphony, Gruber's 'Frankenstein!!', Schwertsik's Sinfonia/Sinfonietta, Op.73. and Malaysian Chong Kee-Yong's "Tearless Moon".

Many will remember Chong Kee-Yong as the winner of the 'MPO Forum for Malaysian Composers 2002-2004' and the recipient of the First Prize at the 'MPO International Composers Award 2004 Malaysia'. This Johor boy has kept very busy since, and some of his forthcoming commissions include a large ensemble piece for Prometheus ensemble (2006, Belgium); Ensemble piece for Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin, (2006, Germany); 3rd String Quartet for the Spiegel Quartet (2007, Belgium); new works (season 06-07 and 07-08) for the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and new work for Symfonie Orkest Vlaanderen (2007, Belgium).
He has also been granted a 5 month scholarship to become the artist-in-resident at the Herrenhaus Edenkoben Foundation (Germany). The concert will also feature the talents of narrator HK Gruber.

Link: MPO


Monday, May 15, 2006


SM said personal blogs are meant to be self-indulgent...I have been, since day one, trying not to be but what the heck...I'll indulge away today....

I hate the nerves (grumpy, grouchy...loss of appetite, etc) I get before an audition.

I love meeting people at auditions.

I love introducing people I meet at auditions to local theatre...and to other auditions....increasing competition in your industry will push yourself to another level...they say.

I love it more when I meet old friends (ex-colleague from bank, college mates, ex-choir mates) at auditions.

I love the feeling I get after an audition, knowing my appetite would come back, I'd be less grumpy and the day is brighter....

My deepest gratitude to my man for keeping my mind of the auditions last weekend, despite the fact that he was dead tired, he took me on a drive on Saturday night to duno-where looking for my long lost ex-D'sara Utama midnight market. Since model Azura told me about her treasure finds at the newly located midnight market I have been dreaming about buying those huge shades there. We took off in my Sunny and headed towards Damansara Mutiara and went round and round there, with no clue on where the new market was, except I knew it was in some multi-purpose hall somewhere in the Damansara area...

My man found it for me, Dewan Muhibah, Kota thing was it was...a bit far from the Kota Damansara I know but it wasn't complicated.

So that took my mind off the audition I was going to the following morning, and we got some shopping done. I tried singing at the pasar malam karaoke but all they had were Malay pop none in my repertoire.

Ok, to make myself feel, better, productive, but not complacent, these are what I have been up to since April 2, after M! The Opera cast party.

I have been to:

5 auditions, 3 call backs, one pending, so that made 8?
4 concerts
1 play
2 paid singing jobs
1 master class
1 weekend vacation
1 jumble sale outing
lots of good time with friends and lover

upcoming calendar:

hopefully...1 script reading for a musical, and signing a contract :)
1 concert
1 recital
1 film screening
few parties

Keep me a busybody and I'm a happybody.



Wednesday, May 10, 2006

18 shots

Again, until I finally get my hands on a digital camera, I'd like to remind you (especially TV Smith) that:

who needs digital camera when you can get great shots like this on my faithful old Olympus, film camera....

Melacca, May 7, 2006

Jonker street delight...Poh piah uncle making our third poh piah, with lots of chilies

happy customer, my man aka sweet J

happy face

happy people in love in the sun...yes, be very jealous

earlier on Friday (May 5, 2006) after the post awards party at Zalina's room, I was showcasing the Malaysian flea market on my blouse. The theme this year was Your Malaysia. Red nets and gold latin shoes with jeans are simply, me. The party after the awards was FUN except I didn't have to get high on the free flowing wine...I wish there were non alcholic drinks for people like me. Can't say I was too happy with some of the awards results, I still there is no way to judge a solo performance of jazz, classical, Chinese shi-tai-qu, Indian classical with musical...side by side. Till our market gets bigger...we have to make do with just one cronies awards? Till the next initiative comes....more like.

The 2006 Cameronian Awards troupe - See Ming, Nell Ng, Callista, Cristina, TV and myself

The Haves and the Have-not posing together

The Robert Palmer girls, styled by us -- Nicole and I posed backstage after singing Negara-lu (by Hardesh Singh & Jerome Kugan) with soloists - Mia P, Tony Eusoff, Evelyn Toh & Bhavani Logeswaran

Jerome Kugan...afraid his singers might forget lyrics (they didn't..ok they did, half a line) so he wore the lyrics on himself

the graceful and playful Mak Yong dancers (the awards Buka Panggung item) with crazy poser

beautiful Zamzuriah, Mak Yong performer, vocalist n dancer

and much earlier...somewhere inside Times Sqaure, the KIV cases of the One In A Million (KL) audition doing some warm up before meeting Paul Moss and Syfinaz again...later I managed to talk some of them to get on their feet to warm up instead of sitting down

Am with talented, Sue on guitar, she made it

and the week before that, at Zakri's party where a plate of baked bananas with syrup caught my attention...some of us stayed till 3am listening to Usamah cock-talking ghosts, stupid Americans, and more....then Zakri threw us out. We love you Zakri and you have a big beautiful flat...I still think it's disgustingly huge for one silly fella like you :)

and the week before that, Renee Choy (Jit Murad) played at Kak Yan's M! blues....

Where M reprised Yang Indah to his adoring audience

My camera is a gift from sweet J but he's been saying I'm better off with a digital camera...I don't know but the cam shop told me there is nothing like shoots from a film camera. No??

Now back to dinner, my soup is done over my mindless blogging...soup is a potpourri of vege, potatoes, carrots, oyster mushrooms, onions, garlic, tomatoes...



Friday, May 05, 2006

See you at the cronies awards....cammy i mean

The retired chorus girl will be reprising her great chorus and comic skills this evening at the Cammies, 830pm, at Grand Ballroom, Mandarin Oriental.

My appearance will be flanked by the woman who puts her arts first, before....what? Her husband and dogs? We will be backing the great quartet of the nominees of Best Solo Performance - Voice: Mia Palencia, Evelyn Toh, Bhavani Logeswaran and the smashing Tony Eusoff. Ms Tan Soo Suan ...I was told, won't be at the awards.

And the chorus girls, consist of Nicole and me, will be wearing creations by Nicole and Janet. Interviews are available upon requests.

Yes, a gathering of parties, and recognitions for all the cronies at work, all of us in the local performing arts.

True one, they saidit first before me.

The scene is small enough, no reason not to be a crony....and put your heads together and work together. Gotong-royong.

See you there, yum seng.



Just focus on your singing

This is my occupation: singer

What am I working on now and what is my next project: am working a brand new repertoire towards my next examination at the end of 2006 and before which I shall be doing a recital featuring my exam repertoire.

There, I have it now, in writing. By having it down in black and white may help setting the right mind to things. I won't have to hesitate with speech when asked what is my latest project the next time.

My man said to me time n time again, "Just focus on your singing."

It makes all the sense now.

With the mighty blessing of not having to put earning a living (rent, gas and food) as top priority but rather, singing (whether it's making money or not) as my foremost priority....I can only say that I shall be able to draw up quite a busy schedule for myself in pursuing excellence in my art.

Thank you to Cindy for checking that sleeping early and all that is part of `Focus-on-your-singing' project.

It's body and mind and soul.

Thank you to Cheng May for issuing a good check on whether I'm attempting to run before learning how to walk, it's all great thought needing my own answer, know my level.

While I find my way to the ultimate Diva way I shall keep my mind clear of unnecessary self doubts and other rubbish, I will remind myself and come back to read this entry.

Good night.