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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Letter one hundred and thirteen - the days go on

Dearest J,

UK is beautiful.  You were right back then, you knew I would love London as much as you did.  Am back from my second visit to London and beyond.  I went jogging everywhere when I could, Hyde Park in London, Edinburgh, Windermere.  I saw dogs, trees, people, skies, ducks, swans, the cold of it all I suddenly realised that I was living some of your history - all your jogging around the world whenever you travel.  That's it - I got a glimpse of what you saw on my jogs, I saw life through your eyes on these outings.  How you talked about your travels and all those running in the cold mornings, I saw you babe.

I took this picture on my iPhone at Carlton Hill, Edinburgh.  That's Nell and Susheela.

I miss you very much.  Not all the time now, but whenever I do though, the feeling is intense.  A boy asked me if I'd date him tonight, I think I said the `right' thing and told him yes I would see him again for dinner (for two) and we'd just chat and enjoy the time together.  After I left him and drove home I realised I was probably just saying it.  I miss you more then.  Back then when I was just startin to see you a bit, I knew I wanted to see you more, wanted to see you all the time, and talk to you all  the time.

on the way to Fort William from Edinburgh, from the train

At times like this I wonder if this is what people meant by `not ready to move on'.  Consciously I have always thought that I could always date someone new when I meet the person I like.  I think am still right, I just haven't really met anyone whom I like enough.  I know a guy or two whom I find could almost be interesting like you, they are straight too - but they have girlfriends too.

We know there will never be anyone as interesting as you.  The thought of settling for less is heart-breaking.  I guess my second best bet would be to settle for music, and me.

I love my time on the two week outing in UK.  It's not a bad deal at all, not being attached or meet anyone great but get to travel and meet new places and people.

a swan dozing off at Hyde Park, London

Anyway, this letter is mostly to report that I am happy to have jogged around my trip and it was intoxicating to be living for a moment through your eyes there as I went out jogging in the cold.  I am happy that I get to live that experience and realise what a beautiful life this is - this one I have shared with you.  Thank you love.



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Saturday, March 24, 2012

many things, all of them good.

A cluster of activities.

A mixed dough of projects.

A kaleidascope of emotions.

A rainbow of old and new songs.

A string of new routines.

A set of new choruses.

A set of Jo Malone perfumes.

A new romance with my cat.

A new band.

A new weight.  

A desire to write, write, write.

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