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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sun rise & sun sets

J said last week that he decided that he wants to try to see as many sunrises and sunsets as possible, while he is still on this earth.

I asked him what time for sunrise and what time for sunset, apparently is 7am and 7pm for us in KL...

This morning I woke up at 7am and looked out from my 11th floor bedroom window, wow, nice sunrise...a few seconds later I plonked back on my sheets and pillows, fast asleep.

Whenever I have to travel or start work in the early morning, I get this indescribable feeling...I guess it's a sense of satisfaction and peacefulness when am outside in the cool morning air, on the empty roads void of traffic, before the first ray of sunshine.

I'd say, it's not a bad life at all, to be able to see sunrise everyday and sunset everyday. I do that, one gets up early morning at 7am to start the day, and to catch the sunset, you make sure that you are home by 7pm, to be out on your lawn (from your balcony, from wherever, open air), watching the dancing colors in the sky.

and be in bed by 11pm...

guarantee you get fantastic skin man... :)

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Soul Doc, tomboys & angels @ Annexe this Sat...

The Annexe Gallery presents

Fashion Show @ Art For Grabs Xmas Special
Sat 20 Dec, 6pm
The Annexe Gallery, Central Market Annexe
Jalan Hang Kasturi


featuring DJs Ribut 10:59, Bunga, Sarchan & JK
DJ Dance Party @ Art For Grabs Xmas Special
Sat 20 Dec, 7pm to 9pm

+ + + +

In conjunction with Art For Grabs Xmas Special, The Annexe Gallery presents TOMBOYS & ANGELS, a fashion show extravaganza that celebrates gender diversity and outrageous individual expressions of style.

The fashion show will feature clothes, accessories and works of art from over forty Art For Grabs arts & crafts stalls, with styling and make up by a team of some of KL's most vibrant emerging style-meisters led by Jun Kit and Ooi Ying Nee. The catwalk will be an installation that mixes politics and irreverence designed by Lainie Yeoh.

The fashion models will feature some of Klang Valley's most interesting everyday people with wicked sense of style and personalities, including:

1. Joyce Kirsten Wong - style blogger
2. Pang Khee Teik - gallery manager + photographer
3. Hazri Haili - biologist
4. Fahmi Fadzil - actor + director + writer
5. Myra Mahyuddin - photographer + publicist
6. Michelle Gunaselan - activist + writer
7. Ze - pop star
8. Bissme S - journalist
9. Sharon Chin - visual artist
10. Mien Lor - activist + filmmaker
11. Janet Lee - chanteuse
12. Sharon Bakar - literary queen
13. Shikin Eris - production exec
14. Davina Goh - actor + dancer

Come and be mesmerized.


To cap off the fashion show, everyone is invited to our twilight dance party THE HARMONY MUSIC FACTORY, which will feature the underground greats DJs Ribut 10:59 and Bunga (from Twilight Action Girl) spinning for the first time alongside Sarchan and JK (from WILD! and Disko Darurat).

Party on!

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

I'm happy because I sing

"I don't sing because I'm happy; I'm happy because I sing." - William James (1842 - 1910), American psychologist & philosopher

I started using this quote on my name cards a few years ago, and when I started blogging I use it as tag line too. I never really put much thought in how the quote relates to me, except how clever it is and how I know it describes exactly what I do too.

Only when J start to tell me how happy I look whenever I sing, I realise that it's something that happens naturally and I never notice it myself.

Anyway, my voice is finally back to normal and my bad cold has subsided. Am back in business.

An event agent said something funny to me earlier..."Haiya Janet of course you are happy because you sing, because you get paid to sing mah, of course la you happy."

I replied (an attempt to be clever about it) saying people want to pay me to sing because when I sing am happy, hence spreading joy and happiness to the people. -- so while am at it, I better make some bucks to pay bills...

Has it ever struck you? That we pay for art & entertainment to be touched emotionally, for that immaterial satisfaction? I guess many of us don't realise it, music is the medicine, the vitamin & minerals for the soul. Our minds and hearts reach for it, we just don't think about it consciously.

Ok now, that aside....maybe one day soon I will think about having some sort of plan for my future (my hairstylist Sam asked me during my last appointment with him, whether I plan to perform till old or would I be planning to start a singing school or some sort in future), of course I'd love to sing till old old age but don't know if that's good enough a plan -- will people still pay to watch an old lady sing if she isn't the likes of Ella Fitzgerald or Edit Piaf?

I don't know, really. I don't have any plans except to just keep singing...

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