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Monday, April 25, 2005

The `Flea' Trip to Perth

Perth report

The Streets

The only strays on the streets of Perth were the Pigeons and the Aborigines.

One pigeon fed on the crumbs outside Hungry Jack's where I savored my vegetable baguette. The Aborigines shopped in the same shop as me on an early Saturday morning, Good Sammy, Murray Street. Our tour coach guy said most of them live on the government subsidy and drink all day. The first thing you notice about them is the color black, black hair, skin black from dirt, clothing black from dirt, toe nails black from dirt...the bags they carried were black also.

I walked past a group of adult natives and one of them made kissing noise, when I came out of the store half an hour later there were 4 policemen giving them trouble (maybe the cops thought the natives were giving trouble to the city).

Didn't see any cats the whole time I was there. The only dogs I saw were good looking canines on leash with healthy looking owners.

The lingerie

Walked in the lingerie section in Target in Hay Street Mall and ahem, most of the bras cups on the shelves are bigger than my head…scary. the sizes were in 10A, 12A, 14A, 10B, 12B...I bought two shorts, no bra.

Shopping Etiquette

Know your thing when you shop in a charity shop in Perth, always put the clothes you don’t want back on the shelves with the hangers…or you will get the sometimes scary reminder from the efficient shop keeper. Bargaining is not a custom. I brought a foldable shopping bag with me; some shops ask if you need a plastic bag if they feel that you don't need one.

The Harvest - second hand buys

Two vintage hats (think a cross between 50's glam party hat and Russian army hat) - Subiaco markets
One CUE corset, originally on the mannequin of the shop with vintage hats
One purple flower print retro cat suit - Good Sammy
One white floor length chiffon strapless dress - Salvation Army
Handful of winter skirts, some for SM - Good Sammy
Two mesh bags - Salvation Army
Two 20's beady hair piece - Fremantle markets (brand new)
One DOTTI sequin mini skirt - St Vincent de Paul, Fremantle
One gypsy skirt - Good Sammy
One denim micro mini - Good Sammy
One retro carton print jeans - Good Sammy
One leather handbag - Salvation Army
Multicolor sequins - Good Sammy
One Meyer bath towel for my brother - Meyer (brand new)
Two pairs of made-in-China Street fashion shoes - Perth train station (brand new)
Handful of earrings - everywhere
One plastic belt - Good Sammy
A few blouses - Salvation Army & Good Sammy
A yellow sequin tank top - St Vincent de Paul, Fremantle
One wide leather belt - Subiaco markets
One silk scarf - Subiaco markets

Other time I spent looking for the few vintage clothes boutique and found them closed down or moved. I found one Lifeline outlet but it was closed on Saturday.

Had good dinner on Saturday night with the office folks at Criterion Hotel, Hay Street. I had spinach & cashew nuts risotto, eggplant stack and we ordered the Testing Plate that has a bit of everything, mushrooms, chicken wings, feta cheese...

After dinner we tried our luck at coffee elsewhere, no luck, walked around the blocks and ended up in the hotel, I gave a little fashion show in my room on my newly acquired `flea' clothes...the girls were very very amused by the denim micro mini...and the cat suit.


The hottest day being Friday where we went to Fremantle. On the second day I figured out my tank tops and thin skirts would work so I put away the jeans and tuck the cardigan in my handbag when I go out. Teh funny thing was there were people in hot pants and singlet and then there are folks in coats and boots. In fact I wonder how some of them survive in those trenches....

We couldn't figure out why the Australians like walking around bare footed so much. I had my taste of walking on the streets without shoes when my black Japanese slippers gave way to too much walking, I walked two blocks kaki ayam to the nearest shoe shop and got a new pair, green, AD 12.95. But one thing about walking bare footed there is that it feels less grubby and the roads were cool enough for walking without protection.

Perth - 19C
KL - 27C

Till the next time, I'm actually sick of `lounging out' on the plane (economy class) for now. My room is in a mess, my documents aren't filed, laundry not done, wardrobe spilling out with clothes and other funny things...

Can't believe this is my last week at this work place. My recital is due in one month...and new job assignment due in hours...

Life's never dull.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Laundry report

I finally sent the clothes to the laundry, I haven't done any laundry for weeks so I decided I need to outsource some help.

Hope to collect them this evening so that I can pack for Perth tonight.

Perth, Thursday to Sunday, sounds more like a short weekend shopping spree. By the time we get there tomorrow it would be time for a shower and then dinner. One day is gone and that's part of the package...

Thanks to Google and SM, I got a few vintage shops to visit, the print out addresses will be my bible there.

Also, I was told by my boss who was informed by his boss that, I'm the `Staff of The Month' (moth of March)...this came after I resigned, cool.

Will tell you later about my reward for getting that award...:)


I had organic food when I was in Sydney few years back.

I had an organic meal by myself in Central, HK last week.

I had organic dinner with CM and V last night, celebrating getting wiser.

I might just go organic again in Perth...and I hope to buy THAT dress for SM's wedding party in June. I hope it's silk.

Advanced Weather report for Perth:

Apr21 Morning shower 14 - 22C
Apr22 Mostly cloudy 16 - 28C
Apr23 Mostly cloudy 9 - 22C
Apr24 Mostly sunny 11 - 24C


Monday, April 18, 2005

You know I'm fat, I'm fat...I know it, I know it

(Sing to the tune of Jacko's I'm Bad)

I'm feeling fat today. My stomach is still bloated. the waist band on my black jeans is leaving red marks on my bloated tummy. I've been on greasy Chinese food since Wednesday, not forgetting a very very very bad in flight vegetarian meal from KL.

I spent so much on shopping and I thought I have bought the whole of HK, but last night when I unpack I felt like I didn't buy enough. I realised I have only a few pieces of clothes for myself, the rest of the stuff are gifts...I hope my sister wears them.

I'm sure many of you girls out there know this feeling.

Can't say that the food there was bad but I wish my century egg porridge that morning wasn't that creamy. I ate quite a bit and then walked a lot when I shopped but I still feel fat, just the tummy.

Everywhere I turn I saw slimming programs advertisements, posters, flyers, LCD screens playing slimming programs commercials. When I took a bus to Stanley's Market yesterday, I spent the entire journey staring at this TV commercial plying in the double-decker; they put their fat clients in bikinis and hot pants with tube tops, exposing flaps and spare tyres and other things you don't normally see because they are hidden under clothes. Then they show you how their boyfriends and girlfriends complain:

Scenario one, boyfriend with fat girlfriend on a beach. Girlfriend wore short tube top with hot pants sitting on the sand and boyfriend holding her from behind saying:

"Darling you know I love to hold you but my fingers always get stuck in between your love handles..."

Scenario two, one slim girl talking to a fat girl in bikini on the sand:

"You know when you wear this swim suit with your fat sticking out in two folds it looks like you are wearing two tyres round your body."

I supposed the company is trying its best to make you feel disgusted with yourself so that you will sign up for its program.

Anyway just a note on HK shopping, to the girls, remember to bring extra cash and an extra bag for your purchases, and one thing, the most important -- always buy more than you need, because you will regret if you don't.

I'm regretting. I need more than the five pairs I bought.


Saturday, April 16, 2005

Weather Report

Day one - 25 degrees, woke up early to drive to KLIA
Day two - 16 to 19 degrees, woke up with second mouth ulcer
Day three - 18 degrees to 20 degrees, woke up with blistered lips
Day four - 23 degrees, woke up looking like Goldie Hown in Death Becomes Her...lower lip very swollen...and itchy.

Financial state - broke

Achievement -

10 pcs of clothing
3 pairs of shoes (one for SM)
1 pair of shades
10 pairs of stockings
1 nail polish
1 scraf

Plan - get more HK dollars to shop more....

Next week - shop more in Perth


Monday, April 11, 2005

Sweet Sunday

It was a very very rare sight, J was watering plants in his garden. His new nick name, The Sprinkler Boy. His mom came out to look at the plants and was really impressed.

"Very good...he didn't miss any pots. Even these small ones at the back..."

I know a romantic Sunday together has got to be something more than this but it was good enough for me. We spent the whole of Sunday lounging in front of TV, dining table and in bed, sleeping very sound.

Then he watered the plants at 5.30pm, after many naps. Then we all went out for a walk, ...he and his dad jogged, the women just walked.

After the walk we watched more TV, and ate very good dinner. I think I have done my TV quota in just yesterday for the next three months...and I love the naps.


Friday, April 08, 2005

The Selling

The highlights of my evening last night:

- conversation with a certain fashion stylist guru, insights!
- came face to face with my blind date from years ago
- conversation on singing with long lost friend from Operafest
- pigging out on celery with chickpea sauce
- drooling on,

The highlight of the evening is however, The Selling, an exhibition of digital prints & photographs by various artists (Amir Muhamad, Danny Lim, Hari, Jerome Kugan and Pang Kee Teik).

Mark Teh who greeted us (SM, Rahel and I) at the entrance raved about the prices of these fantastic pieces....yes he is right, you gotta check it out yourself.

Last night was the opening, it will run till 30 April 2005 in Reka Art Space:

Five friends come together for the first time to mount an exhibition of digital prints. They are Amir Muhammad, Danny Lim, Hariarti Azizan, Jerome Kugan and Pang Khee Teik.

Working on the theme of "selling", they present points of view that provoke and seduce.

GL29 Block C Kelana Square, 17 Jalan SS7/26, Taman Kelana Indah, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya, 47301 Selangor.

t/f : 03-7880 5982


open :

wednesday - saturday
11.00am - 5.00pm
other times by appointment only

closed :
sunday, monday, tuesday & public holidays


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Soul Doctor The Scissors Hand

I was so close at picking up that pair of scissors and snip off my annoying bunch of layered hair.

Was going to do it during lunch at the nearest hair salon, but ha, it closed down months ago.

I love the color, do does everyone; I quite hate that it's layered, everyone loves it, except for R...she confessed after I told her that I was going to cut it.

Guess I'll hang on to it for a week or so and then see how, under the advice of the girls in the office. Sooo tempted in cutting it myself....the thrill of seeing my own work on my head, whether it's good or bad.

Hmmmm, think I will try out my hair-styling-snipping skill sometime soon, C & IW, care to join in the party?

DIY Hair Party, how about that??

Quite excited about the dress code at my new place...which is the non-existence of a one. She said the girls go to work there in the skimpiest will take me a while to slowly grow out of my existing wardrobe.

That part of the job is really a dream come true, to go to work in cargos, midriffs, canvas shoes and crazy earrings. Yay!


Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Surreal but real

I was at work updating some database, some company moved office so I updated the address column, so that whoever uses this database later will have the right address to reach this company...

Then I realised in a few weeks' time I won't be able to ensure this will be done every time some company moves office. It's something I have been doing for the past four years...

So surreal, that I'm leaving my work/home for the past four years. I remember what I wore to the interview (black sleeveless turtleneck with black skirt), what I wore to this office to collect my offer letter (black tank top with Indian Skirt and Batek jacket with big earrings -- my new colleagues then got a bit of a shock) and what I wore on my first day, April 2001 (MNG white three-quarter-sleeve tee with corduroy knee length skirt and platform heels).

Then, I had no idea how I was going to fit in in the semi-corporate environment, especially the desk-bound job, with serious-looking folks. But I fit in and I can't really complain at all, I found myself making friends and really, things just got very comfortable.

Nice. As I grew more experienced in what I do, the work gets less mundane and I was given more responsibilities, nice...the feeling of ownership at work = self-worth.

Two trains and a bus ride and a little bit of walk, to get to my office from Pandan Indah, back then. This place has really seen me grow not only as an employee but as a person; since my trains' days I have then moved to PJ for the first time and `took up' walking to work as transport, for a long while I relied (not a good thing at all, 100% dependency) on my favourite KAWASAKI Zepher rider to work, then the rider signed me up for driving class and ahem,

I passed driving as a first time candidate, no bribes, nothing, just plainly my talent and charm.

So I started driving to work, group lunch, meetings, events...drove my boss home when his car was in the workshop.

Till today I'm still amazed at the fact that I drive around town on `auto pilot mode' see I spent too many years thinking I wasn't going to learn how to drive at all because I was the only one without a license at the age of 25.


Office folks say they will miss my antics and noise here...really, it's quite noisy, I swear a lot, sing in indecent volume during hours, talk too loud, prance around...I think people like that in an office even though I can't really rationale that those are acceptable behaviour in a place like this.

I will miss them too, sharing magazines with the girls, buying birthday cakes, make certain ppl buy lunch, the mamak after work, the tension leading to events, the staff trips, staff training we went through together...too much to list.

I hope my next work home will embrace my expletives and singing with love...haha.


Monday, April 04, 2005

High Class Ah Lian

SM said I looked like red-haired lioness. Haha, I like the reaction from her, especially when she couldn't make out something or when she is trying to understand why she hates something...

I spent 4 and a half hours in The Lab in Desa Sri Hartamas on Sunday, getting my mane washed numerous times and endured the strong chemical smell...for a change in my look, I would like to mourn the gone of my school girl hair, it was quite accidental because all I wanted was red streaks/highlights in my hair because I was quite pleased with the thick fringe (or bangs, I was told is American term) I had and the blunt and straight hair.

But the guy who colored my hair said my red highlights would be more prominent if I had my hair layered.

So I told them to go ahead.

By the time the guru snipped of the large amount of hair round the bottom it was, too late. My hair is now layered round the shoulders's just too layered for my liking but...

Fine, hair will grow, I will just look like trendy (trendy is a bad word in my world) chick for a while until my hair grow long again.

But goodness, I loooove the color in my hair.


Japanese pop/porn star
Fayne Wong (I want the face, not the hair)
RED Lioness
Ah Lian -- you see I was supposed to look like cool high street chick with arty, blunt straight hair with reds, ok think pierced nose Towers Record staff in canvas shoes. Now it's the Sg Wang version lar...

But I guess it's RM425 well-spent, it's more expensive than anyone I know, ppl tell me it's expensive; because everyone commented on the fine workmanship and apart from SM, everyone loves my new look.