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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The people who date Spring

I missed blogging, have not been able to manage my calender well enough for my blogs. Anyway, one of my most loved and treasured elements of doing theatre work is the process of putting a show together - I love rehearsals, working on the script, memorizing lines, dance steps, the pain of not quite getting something right, and come back the next day to work on it again and cracking the scene and getting it right; of working with coaches, actors, directors, pasting it all together and the exhilaration of seeing the whole thing coming together.

Anyway, about the show.

Dama Orchestra is doing it again, combining its special blend of East & West potion of music with stage drama. This time in the musical adaptation of the award-winning play of Raymond To Kwok Wai (director of Perhaps Love)'s I Have A Date With Spring.

our poster :)
Join the Face Book group to see more pics & video clips of our rehearsals & our preview concert clips
Half of the team are familiar faces while the other half are new to me, but nonetheless the same wacky, talented, funny, noisy theatre people.

And the music!!! Not being able to play musical instruments, I worship the Dama musicians and their easy-going-ness. You know? Diva without the air? They make wonderful sounds and yet are incredibly accommodating and creative.

Ok ok, suppose I just paste the whole damn production team list here then, hehe...

The I Have A Date With Spring - The Musical team: (taken straight from Dama's site)

PUN KAI LOON producer / director
KHOR SENG CHEW producer / music director
GAN BOON WE concert master / asst. music director
MELISSA TEOH production stage manager / asst. director
WONG KIT YAW choreographer
DOMINIQUE DEVORSINE costume designer
LIM ANG SWEE lighting designer
LIM WAN YEE sound engineer
LEE JIN WEN dialect coach
TAN SOO SUAN vocal coach

Tan Soo Suan (Butterfly)
Janet Lee (Lulu)
Chris Tong (Fung Peng)
Chang Fang Chyi (Nancy)
Steve Yap (Karl)
Nell Ng (Yuen Pik)
Samuel Tseu (Tai Kai Lok)
Ling Tang (Poh Yee)
Ho Soon Yoon (Bobby)
Terry Siau (Danny)
Song-Fan Seah (Tony)
Jojo Wong (Ping Ping)
Teoh Sheew Yong (Fei Fei)
Beauty Teoh (Emcee)
Liow Swee Keong (Pak Long)
Rachel Tan Tan Soo Sze (Backup singer)
Anrie Too (Ensemble & u/s Nancy)
Ng Pei Pei (Backup singer)
Chong Wey Yin (Backup singer)
Tam Yee Swee (Ensemble & manager)
Cassie Wong (Ensemble & u/s Fung Peng)
Leslie Cheng (Ensemble)
Roax Tan (Ensemble)

Gan Boon We
Khor Seng Chew
Loo Fung Chiat
Loo Fung Ying
See Keh Fong
Tee Hsien Onn
Lai Foo Yuen
Foo Chie Haur

There's a lot to blog about, discoveries and thoughts but till I find another window of time. I better get my ass out of the hair salon, I have a corp gig tonight, yay!!!

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