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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Long overdue new showreel, though this one is really a bit like a half-cooked showreel - because it hasn't got any live videos in it (a very long story) assured, am working on making another showreel with proper video tracks soon.

Thank you Joyce for putting this one together, images & songs.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The old job application letter & other things

I couldn't sleep in this morning, even though I had a rather late night yesterday, fell sleep with a magazine on my face and i-tune playing away.

I suspect it's due to my exciting scheduling, still much to pack and the house-moving is tomorrow. So I picked up where I left off yesterday, packing...before I need to run off to a sound check & gig tonight.

Found an old letter in a pile of used papers, a cover letter I wrote in 2004 for a job in a fashion magazine. Curious of what I may have written to persuade the person in charge, I stopped for a minute and read. Having not written a single job application for years, since 2005, I am quite amused by what I've written, sounds like someone I've forgotten..???

Some excerpts here to amuse you.

Jan 14, 2004

Dear Dina,

.....this is how I would like to introduce myself to your organization, in a fun way, and in a paragraph, as requested by you:

I am fueled by my passions: Life, Fashion and Music. When I walk on the streets, women stare discreetly at me to admire my fun fashion sense, which I have the tan and the shoes to go with. Boutique owners greet me by asking where I get my clothes. My singing teacher says though I'm miles and miles behind sopranos who read music better than me, my determination to deliver good singing is taking me miles and miles ahead of other sopranos. I like walking under the right weather as walking is my way to meditate, and to self-reflect. My sunny personality is always what people miss when I leave an office, a concert hall, and a party. Goals: To live shamelessly and fearlessly, and to have the right thing, not just things, in life.

I know you asked for one paragraph, but as you can see mine is four, did I forget that I am non-conforming, and different...


Yours truly,

Janet Lee
The Fashionable ONE

!!!!!! Walau, can't believe I wrote that. I must have blushed when I typed it two seconds ago! Sounds like a cross between a cheesy sales-pitch and some product of Asia Works!

To live shamelessly and fearlessly? Wow...

To have the right thing, not just things in life.

Though cheesy I think my letter was, am glad I found it today, am turning 33 this year - it's nice to know the person I was a few years ago. And this cheesy sales-pitch reminds me of what I used to promise to others.

Maybe I have slowed down along the way, taking things for granted a little because I've grown forgetful, and more jaded, and less hardworking.

Walking down Bukit Bintang the other day, I suddenly thought of death. These days with people dropping like flies, some close to us, some not - to freak accidents, diseases and what not - suddenly things don't seem such a big deal after all. You'd never know when the time comes, such ironic thought amidst all the crazy running around to fix up my new home, minding the comparatively unimportant things like bathroom racks and curtains, and moronic Streamyx personnels.

I guess I better turn to music at moments like this.

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Monday, February 01, 2010

a brand new life

Breathing in a new life...

Something good is coming.

So here's the first note of advice from a wise musician, "Imagine stories for songs, instead of memorizing songs."

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