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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I used to blog...remember?

I used to be a blogger.


Before Facebook, before when I was less busy...??

In fact, am not quite sure why I blog less and less, and got lazier, or do I just, simply have less to blog about, or having less time, and energy to write?

I know I've been busy for a long period of time, a long long time. I don't remember the last time I have time to make a meal for just myself and having the leisure to choose a DVD for the evening.

ok, I didn't use to own a TV and a DVD player. I used to sit on my bed and watch my DVDs on my computer screen. I used to be on Windows, now I have a big ass Apple desktop...which I love,

and I watch my DVDs in a separate room, on a sofa bed, in the living hall.

and I nap in a bed room.

I know it's probably not related, but how is it that now that I have a room for everything, a special place for everything, and everything is pretty in place in my home, I find myself not having the time to blog...or write?

Or do I simply just, not saying much in my head these days?

hmm, not true.

I know I say a lot of things to myself these days, I run by many many thoughts to J, I just don't blog about them like I do previously.

I miss that, I read the titles of my old blog entries with much fondness and honestly, without these entries, I doubt I can remember the person I was...say, three Augusts ago.

These day, ironically, I spent too much time on Facebook, finding out what others are saying, doing, thinking. I really should read less Facebook, and read the real books on my new bookshelf instead, and write down the stuff going through my head.

You see, when you `write' on Facebook, everyone has no choice but to find out what you wrote. When you upload a photo on Facebook, everyone has no choice but to see it when they log in. On the blog sphere it is different, for most of us bloggers, we write for ourselves, there is absent of the excitement of knowing all your friends who live on the internet will see the essay and the photo you just uploaded. There is no real time audience.

But so what, you would rather five years from now, read 5000 of your old posts of your Facebook status updates? Or would you prefer to read 200 entries of your blog entries?

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