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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The angel and the ...fishnets

I've always love photography since J bought me my first camera. Every now and then, I'd get too pleased with myself and the results of my photos. Last night was one of them...I know I know, all I have now it's a silly Nokia (6280) phone camera, duh. But, enjoy these anyway, just my indlugence. And yes, I love the phone, J, and You.

The shoots from last night's performance at Attic, Doreen sang to a full house.

Pic by Justin

Am waiting for pictures of me shaking my behind with pink boa while singing from KM's camera, we shall see :)

Oh btw, Doreen is the angel and I m the fishnetsla...



Soul Doc & Wondermomo - this Sunday...

Soul Doc has been commissioned to invite you to a fashion party this Sunday, details below...and in the flyer above.

Weeks ago I was killing some minutes before a rehearsal in Mont Kiara area and a wonderful `fashion accident' happened to me. I wonderred into Wondermomo and came out with a Tsumori Chisato `layer-cake' cardigan, a Marni tunic (as seen in Soul Doc Moments) and a pair of ultra sexy gym shorts by Dsqaured2.

Of course being the mini PR queen I am I told them about what I do (music and fashion, of course) and today, I received a call from the boutique about the event and I've been invited to attend the fashion (and shopping) party IN THEIR FASHION!!

The rest settled, this Sunday I will be presenting some latest apparels in the shop with two models, sharing fashion tips while sipping wine and chat. So come, and bring your girlfriends and boyfriends!

The ultra stylish Ti & Sonia of Wondermomo
Dear Friends,

(Please don't hesitate to forward this e-vite to everyone and bring friends!)

We've been putting together a way to say thank you for all the support you've been giving us, and... We're doing it THIS SUNDAY!!!

WONDERMOMO presents:

- Hot new selection of cool styles for WOMEN & MEN
- Tasty refreshments to share & company to enjoy
- One-day only Special Deals that you just cannot afford to miss!

We look forward to seeing you there, and thanks for all the love!


E.01.15 Wisma Sunrise
Plaza Mont'Kiara, 2 Jalan Mont'Kiara
Mont'Kiara, Kuala Lumpur 50480
Tel 03 6201 1316

23-ku by Onward Japan
7 for all mankind
agnès b.
Andrew Mackenzie
Catherine Malandrino
C'N'C Costume National
Diane von Fürstenberg
Dries van Noten
John Galliano
Just Cavalli
Karen Millen
Kris van Assche
Number (N)ine by Takahiro Miyashita
see by chloe
Sonia Rykiel
Tsumori Chisato
Vanessa Bruno
Veronique Branquinho
...& more runway fashion at runaway prices ...for WOMEN & MEN!



Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Attic, this Wednesday

Soul Doc will be guest-starring in.....
(dueting with Doreen in sizzling numbers and belting a solo)

Live Music Every Wednesday

@ the attic





Wednesday, 29 NOV 06

TIME: 9pm

Entrance is FREE

the attic will once again be filled with the sound of music from musicals and movies. DOREEN TANG who recently starred as the lead in M! The Opera will team up with musical theatre maestro LLEW MARSH for an evening of masterpieces from movies and musicals.

Doreen has been seen onstage at Istana Budaya & Dewan Filharmonic Petronas as well as winning a few singing competitions. She also lends her voice to private events and voice overs.

Llew Marsh is a familiar name in the local jazz and musical scene having performed locally and internationally as a singer, actor and musician as well as winning 2 Cameronian Arts Awards for Best Musical And Theatre Production.

They will perform such hits as The Prayer, Over The Rainbow, Hey! Big Spender and songs taken from The Phantom Of The Opera, Miss Saigon, Superman, The King & I, Evita, Disney, A Chorus Line to name a few. 2004 .

Call or mail us now to reserve a table for dinner or drinks!

(Tables will only be kept for 15 mins)

Set Dinner + Drink
RM 40

The Attic
61-2, Jalan Bangkung,
Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
t/f: +603.2093.8842



Saturday, November 25, 2006

Doctor in The Sun

Whoring work in progress...

Your doctor in residence got a mention in The Sun yesterday, page 24.

Cheers All Around

by Anansa Jacob
It was a night of music and dance and a jolly good time at the first SKOL Worldfest Launch in celebration of the beer `winning the world over'...

"The night was capped by a musical performance by local songstress Janet Lee, who gave reveting renditions of several reworked jazz numbers in English, French & Spanish as well as a few classic Mandarin love songs."

Yours truly waiting backstage with YY (on piano) for our first song...(for my fashion friends' sake, the red dress is from Red Cross shop in Reykjavik (Iceland), gift from SeeMing, feather boa from HK, I think I got those earrings from Elaine Daly at Amcorp market years ago...)
It was a fun evening and now that it's over, it's time to plan dinner with PS and TV who roped me in the event :)



Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The fashion blog is here!

As promised, here it is!!!

Soul Doc Moments....

A spanking new website, dedicated to capture my favourite moments in fashion. SeeMing suggested the title aptly, saying I can call each great moment of fashion can be called as `having a Soul Doc moment."

Now I have official reason to take as many pictures as I like of those cool styles I see out there, yay!

A picture from the new blog...

go see who the babes are!



Saturday, November 11, 2006

The way we are...

It's common these days, people my age...29, busy themselves day in day out, month in month out with endless projects and activities...some of us happen to spend quite many hours online, working, chatting, thinking, reading...reading blogs and thinking, reading blogs and chatting to friends about what we read.

Yes, yes, am saying amidst making money and partying, it's fun sometimes (for some people) to ponder on certain philosophical topics, something my first land-lord would call/comment, "Why you want to think so much?"

Yesterday I read something good and I would like quote this bit I like, like, as in I like how it reminds me of something I don't tell myself everyday :)

Anyway, I read it from BigBigPlanet...

"...the truth is, to do anything at all with our lives, we just have to stop questioning our beliefs at some point and hope for the best. We just have to hang on to our incomplete views of the world and keep adding jigsaw pieces to them, throwing away the ones that don’t fit in with what is already there."

Am sure many of us have been there before, half way through our journey of whatever we stop and question ourselves about what we are doing, anyway...

Don't you think it's more fun to take the journey where you figure things out along the way rather than the calculated, fixed, formulated, straaaaaightfoward way.

Of course not everyone is big on the `fun' factor, many people don't live for fun, they live seriously, too seriously. I think I'm diverting the topic, my parents have been pestering me and my married sister, to pester me into pestering my man to marry me -- get the paperwork done.

Security, they call it. Why waste your youth away with relationship without paper?

pic by SeeMing
Maybe my man and I are the new kind of `insecure' people who give little trust to a piece of marriage paper that is believed to be able bind two person together, given the fact that it is easy to file a divorce. Our marriage paper is in fact, our willingness to be open with each other all the time, our ability to seek the best out of each other, and love everything that makes us the person we fell in love in and the person we have grown to be in each other's friendships.

With that, I wish you a happy weekend...and a happy life.



Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The job of a good singer

Not too long ago some friends commented on the title I print on my name card, if you haven't seen my name looks something like this, I call it the no-frill design -

"I don't sing because I'm happy; I'm happy because I sing."

Janet Lee

bla bla contact
my link
another link...

My friends asked why I call myself a `singer', "Why not put `vocalist' instead? It's surely more professional sounding and has a ring of prestige to it."

Well, while I pride myself as a trained professional in performing quality music, I don't see how I should, or could, class myself as any title would imply, that I'm a class above other, earthy singers.

Sure, I know that's not what my friends meant anyway. You see, I just have a special attachment to the word `singer', a simple word that tells you that I, sing. What my friends advised was that on my call name, part of my `cari-makan' tool, I should print a title that paint a picture of the kind of work I in, `vocalist' means I'm a prim, professional...ok hang on, I checked that --

Says the dictionary:

sing·er1 n.
  1. Music One who sings, especially a trained or professional vocalist.
  2. A poet.
  3. A songbird.

Tata, how come it's other way round, a singer is one who sings --- especially one who is trained and professional.

Anyway, what I'm hoping to put forth is, I enjoy singing as it is and is growing to love music for music's sake, before I decided that singing would be my living (getting paid for singing). Therefore, it doesn't matter to me whether the `singer' title does sound less classy than `vocalist'. My ultimate goal is, to be a soul doctor...whose singing is so amazing it heals your soul.

Since my absolute crazy (but totally fantastic) schedule since early this year, I have been slacking in my classical music, or repertoire. I shamelessly think I'm living life it its fullest, taking the best step I know has been just lots of opportunities to be on stage since end of last year. While I have been busy doing what I think it's the thing to do -- for a `full time artist', running between auditions, rehearsals, shoots, interviews, parties, theatre outings, shows, learning new script...

I have not been that efficient in managing all that while keeping a regular study of my core music -- the classical stuff. The thing with these Debussy, Mozart, Rossini, Strauss takes a lot more time (in your study and on stage) to be polished and edible..err, tasteful.

So today while I practised my first Strauss song in months, and then listened to Bjorling singing Zueignung (Devotion) on my notebook and taking notes, I felt like I've came home...home not in the sense that - though I have been a student of music in the dark, groping on my own mostly, and learning the singing technique from my coach -- I have been regular in my practise, the weekly lesson, the every other day (of not daily) singing at home.

All that, I have not been doing for monthsssss.

When I was singing Teresa Teng classics to a partially drunk crowd last night, I was on the top of the world. You might think a drunk AND noisy crowd would dampen my spirit in singing my heart out, I was just high because I knew those songs well enough to really enjoy the music and song, and rocking to the crowd. Ok, they were not half that bad, they LOVED the Teresa Teng numbers and all my notable applause came after that two numbers I sang.

That experience, and the hell I went through before the gig in forcing the new lyrics of new repertoire in my head, taught me the importance of knowing my work well.

The better you know your music, the better chance you have in winning your audience, however bad or good your vocal technique is.

It felt good to be able to just sit and study a song...taking time in absorbing its beauty and color.

My journey as a singer is at its beginning, though I have singing for years now but with each and every new performance, I learn more and more that a good singer, is one who communicates best with her audience.

I end with a special edition of The Collage of Self-portrait (most of them) by Soul Doctor, the new cam-whore who knows her image software well :)

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The True Story About Gym

Hey, check this out, I just found out yesterday that my body fat percentage is 26%, and I'm underweight (46kg, 156cm). Now without checking with my `trusted' trainer at the gym (yes, I have arrived at the dark side), I think that means -

1. I need to cut down, burn, etc; my body fat percentage...I was told that 19% to 20% fat is ok, or decent.

2. I need to gain working out and err, eating more?

Hmm, so basically I need to gain and reduce all the same time, but of different things. Correct?

J and I went to Subang Parade that fateful day two weeks ago, I ended up in his gym (the one with the our very own supermodel as ambassador la, hang on, isn't like every other branded gym in town been endorsed by `supermodels'? Well, you GUESS la, GUESS who la). I looked around snottily and was laughing at all the men with big muscles and skinny legs, smug-faced....and chuckled when I saw expat/foreign trainers.

After close to two hours of sales pitch given by numerous personnel at the Subang branch, I told J that there was no way we could get home without signing me up.

It's strange, the only one there whom I actually trusted, was the sales person (someone from operations department who is `trying out' sales) who sat me down at first. To start with, he didn't look like someone who works in a gym, but there was something about him that made the whole process of signing up (or you may say, giving in to the dark side) seemed a lot less sinister (as in spending money on some place you have to pay parking, drive to, get tortured and sweat like a dog).

So I'm now a member of a gym, with lousy print ads (according to my friend who thought their print ad was a singing competition advertisement). I have been going there about three times a week. I think I need a lot more sleep these days, my face has gone slightly more oily. I love going there once a week with J and run alongside each other while watching cooking shows (on living & travel channel).

So far it's been, funny, with my trainer...I was given two complimentary sessions (and I bought three more) with a, check this, Rapid Results Trainer, in the form of a small guy with lots of muscle but at least he is well-proportioned. So far he has failed to pick up all my phone calls when I tried to make appointments with him. So far he has sung to me while I lift weighs (he knows I sing for a living and he can sing), asked me about stuff in performing arts ("Do people HAVE to pay to watch theatre?") and called my inner-thighs `little earthquakes'.

I guess I have learned to enjoy the gym in the shortest time, for someone who has abstained from joining for the longest time, and who laughs at others who visit gym -- I have learned new recipes while am on the treadmill, how to ignore bad house music being played (except when they play Jamiroquai) while I wash myself slowly, blow dry my hair slowly, get dressed in the public, and check out other women's legs in the dressing room.

I can't say I'm not entertained.

My goals are -

To be able to run non stop for 20 minutes

To be fitter (that goes hand in hand with my new cooking regime, and better habits in taking supplements)

To be able to use the gym machines efficiently

Learn to torture my muscle properly

Learn a few moves in the classes at the gym

That's it for now, more truth about the gym later :)

Do you know your body fat percentage?

Oh ya, happy belated Halloween....spent mine watching Frankenstein In Love at KLPAC where we had an impromtu M! The Opera reunion...
from left - moi, Soon Yoon, Chacko (even with the mask on he couldn't help being his loveble self), Judimar, Trudy and silly Nic

Justin was there too, this new kid in town will be starring in a suspense-filled art film musical.

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