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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

back to school, or never left school?

...or shall I say, the school has just started for me, just as am about to turn beautiful 36.

Finding balance in life is great art, takes a life time to master...for some.

Finding the best policy to handle people, relationships, groups, a life long occupation for me.

Anyway, I have these syllabus that I would like to proceed with this coming `semester' of life, April onwards...I wonder if I could manage a household of such heavy workload, this schedule does not yet include gigs that pay the bills, house chores that keep my cat and I sane, social calendar that could get crazy if not managed well, etc...

Monday - 9am - 10am - Sizzle and Burn class @ Caterpillar or jazz class?

Tuesday - 930am - 1pm - French language @ Alliance Francaise
(Tuesday jazz class gotta get bumped to another day...)

Wednesday - 7pm - 8pm - Ballet class, 830pm - 1045pm - Contemporary class  @ Enfiniti

Thursday -  930am - 1pm - French language @ Alliance Francaise
 (singing class with Cecilia gotta get adjusted to another day....)

Friday - singing class with Cecilia?

Saturday - 930am - 11am - Yoga @ Aravind Centre

All shall be adjusted and fit nicely :)

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