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Sunday, October 23, 2005


I didn't know how to spell `Shiseido' before I became one of those girls who posed in impossible poses in shopping mall centre court, wearing ridiculous costumes (fur jacket in KL?) with pastel color eye shadow...with curly hair.

Well, my result:

If you think this is a nice shoot, thank you. I specifically told the team (one make up artist, one hair person, one photographer cum `choreographer' and one photo editor) that I want to look like myself in the picture, hence the light make up...but this is an airbrushed item so I guess in some way this is `cheating'. Anyway I told them I want straight hair and smoky eyes (light), and I wore all my own clothes.

A red dress from Reykjavík, SM's present
The MNG sequin (matte sequin) top am wearing in this shoot
Another MNG item, a black low cut dress

SM was there when I had the shoot, she watched how I obeyed the photographer's instruction like a puppy.

"Tilt your head to the right more, lower, closer to your shoulder, lower...ok now freeze."
"Now put your hands under your chin, more left...a bit more..."
"Cross your hands like that, ya like that, ok ok, don't move."

While I knew those men from 1st floor were looking down my Wacoal-induced cleavage, I did exactly what I was told, knowing that that young chap with the camera knew what he was doing. Indeed, when I scanned all the shoots later on the computer, the ridiculous and the most unnatural poses looked `normal' in the pictures.

The Chinese girl who had her shoots taken after me, had her hair set to look like Maggi Mee, with deep green eye shadow...that aside, I give her credit for wearing her own teeshirt.

Anyway, I now officially join the rest of the population of women who had their pictures taken like that, choreographed, hair teased, face fully made up...

And since I'm on the topic of having my photo taken, I want to showcase the result of the very talented DanLim spending one Sunday morning with my half-cooked make-up and hair, snapping away at a certain location sponsored by a special friend. This is the `home-photo-shop' version, I like the dark orange effect, it kind of shields my bad make up, don't you think?

BTW, Dan and I call this shoot a FHM special...

And this one I call it Audrey-wannabe, see the black dress and the junky necklace? I was dreaming Breakfast At Tiffany's.



Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Day Before

The day before Chief and mate moved out completely, I lied on my naked mattress that was on its way out the next day....with its bed....listening to Wiegenlied (some nice German song I don't know its meaning).

In many ways, this apartment is everything that I've envisioned since teenhood of where I'd lived where I `grow up'. This pad is a far cry from what some of my friends have: bungalows, swanky apartments and plush sofas...but you see, what I have now is also very far away from my shared bedroom (with my sister who now lives in a nice house of her own) with a table fan we grew up with. Mind you, it was the master room in the house and my parents gave it up for my sister and I.

As I wiped clean the dining table that will become mine the next day, I looked around and imagined how the hall will transform by next week…the next day in fact. The white Ikea sofa will go, the huge TV set and Astro, DVD player will go…so will the speakers, and the washing machine.

Well, I know I will not have TV for a while, unless my new housemate puts one on. But there will be corsages decorating this space. The music stand will go to the hall, where I hope to be spending many hours doing vocals and polishing new songs.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Best of Both

As I sat in my newly vacuumed (my very own vacuum), staring into my newly arranged basket of flea market vintage evening bags (sequin, mash, leather, etc) and my single bed, I know you can't compare a home with people who love you and a home with bags you love.

I'm trying to have the best of both worlds, I spend most weekends at J's, where my stay would spill over to Mondays and come Monday evenings I find myself missing the domesticatedness of his house, ie. putting the laundry with his granny in the sun, in the spacious backyard, washing dishes, feed and play with the dog, lazing away my Sunday with him sleeping, etc.

In my own pad I don't talk at all, there's no one around to talk to, I take long showers, sing the same song out loud over and over again (for practise)....feed on chips, milk, juices, Korean noodles....never soup and rice.

I'm lovin' it. The dual life. Though I should really keep two complete sets of toiletries in my two homes.



Monday, October 17, 2005

Breathing Still

I hope the chorus girls bring fishnets back to the streets. Five costume changes...fishnets throughout.

So far the audience comments have been that the show is too long (it's getting cut this week) and that the chorus are cute.

The musical opened to a full house on Friday and all through weekend it looked good in the house. My `house' however is in a state of...boxes, with Chief n fiancee moving out, taking the bed I sleep on with them.

This week mission: work on portfolio...clean room and get ready for a bed-less week ahead.

well, thats for dropping in...more stories from backstage soon!!!



Sunday, October 09, 2005

Five Acts Fun n Madness

Counting down....Pygmalion is opening in 5 days, Oct 14. Last sitzprobe with the 6-piece this afternoon, bump in tomorrow and then there's no balik, straight into the three-week madness in KLPAC...I can't imagine how I would survive the many nights of running about in fishnets and boots (with heels! dun play play) in the close-to-3-hour musical/play. Signal Master recommended warm salt water for my feet every night.

Five acts, five completely different characters in chorus, five completely different costumes...fourteen cast, six band members....fifteen shows, one cast party...this is one hell of a party for me, am completely soaking it all in.

The withdrawal period after Oct 30 will be a bit painful but I'll manage. There will be a few nights of aimless wander and feeling like I miss the `endless' nights of rehearsals in studio 5, a beautiful place overlooking a lake and now, new addition, a Koi centre. Aside from the horrendously lack of eating option there, am loving the place, but more than that, I know I will miss these buggers I see every night for the past two months.

On a lighter note, our costumes are fantastic and sexy:

Act one, two tier skirt, mini on the front and ankle length behind, top with avant garde corset blouse with taftan shawl, paret with big corsage, and of course then there are fishnets and boots that stay from Act 1 to 5. Act two is a sizzling black dress that will have a matching bra top with hemlines to be taken up, with a skimpy head piece. Act three is a high-neckline shift that has been adjusted to have a pencil-shape with bows, Act four will see the chorus in ball gowns, haven't seen it yet...Aunty Loh had better hurry. Act five maid costume will showcase the `best of legs' in a black fitting dress with lacy collar and a dangerous hemline...think matching lacy hairband and a white apron.

The music grows on me, with the band (btw the way that's drums, clarinet/flute, sax, keyboard, cello and double bass) in, the music is sounding incredibly sexy! From tango, Broadway style to rock, every song is a stand-alone composition with fetching tune. I'm praying for a soundtrack recording...

Googled `Pygmalion by KLPAC' for fun and got these:

of course, on Maxis site

a KL blogger

KLPAC site

The Star

The Edge



Wednesday, October 05, 2005

See you in KLPAC!

We are on next Friday!!!! Get your Maxis One Club discount TODAY...last day la.

(fashion lover DO COME FOR THE ala Viviene Westwood costumes!!! Think punk, fishnets, Scots, avant garde and more)



Wtach trailers on Maxis site

Show Details

Pygmalion (The Musical) by George Bernard Shaw
Venue: the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (Sentul)
Date : 14 Oct – 30 Oct
Time : 8.30 pm daily except Monday & 3.00pm Sunday only


Harith Iskander as Prof Higgins
Indi Nadarajah as Pickering
Michelle Quah as Lisa
Sarah Shahrum as Mrs Pearce
Llewellyn Marsh as Freddy
Elaine Pedley as Clara
Suzan Manen as Mrs Higgins
Monti as Alfred Doolittle
Reneé Aziz Ahmad as Mrs Eynsford-Hill

Janet Lee
Nicole Anne Thomas
Tabitha Kong
Christina Yap
Lum Kay-li


An all-new musical production of the bitter-sweet George Bernard Shaw play in which a common flower seller is miraculously transformed to pass herself off as upper class. A tale about language, class, manners and matters of the heart that is as true today as it was at the beginning of the last century. And given Malaysia's unique penchant for the use and misuse of English; the opportunities for Manglish, malapropisms and hilarious turns of phrase are fantastic. The music will be totally original, composed especially for this production. And with lyrics which, while mainly drawn from the text, are given a real local flavour with titles like, 'Don't talk like that one' and 'Muddy Bunga'.

Starring the wonderful Harith Iskander as the irascible Professor Higgins and the marvelous Indi Nadarajah as his bumbling friend from India, we can expect general mayhem. And introducing Michelle Quah as the flower girl Lisa who speaks like a market girl and sings like an angel.

Altogether, exciting, hilarious, witty, tuneful and sometimes heartbreaking. In fact, no emotion left untouched. Definitely a must-see musical spectacular never to be missed!

Production Design

Costume Design

Music & Lyrics
C33 & GBS

Musical Director/Arranger
Llewellyn Marsh

Executive Producer
Faridah Merican

Artistic Director
Joe Hasham

Paul Loosley