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Monday, January 05, 2009

2009 to do list...and random thoughts

Heppeeee nee yeeear!

I heard this before, "What don't kill you will only make you stronger" -- how true :)

When it comes to dealing...handling morons, idiots, arse-faces, work or at home, if you can overcome that without any burn marks and cuts, you are on your way to the next level of the game...The People Game.

You see, most of the times it's quite impossible to change other people, it's easier, and faster to change how we react to people and things. It's a quicker way to...err, peace & happiness?

All right, I look forward to another year of meeting wonderful (which is most of my clients) people and nasty idiots (we meet some sometimes). You can always count on meeting new people to keep your life interesting.

Ok, so..the to do list, it's really nothing different from having new year resolutions except calling it `to-do-list' sounds a lot less daunting and friendly.

1) yay!!!! My new project in singing, it's POP! Am going to start hitting the karaoke joints and look up my old high school pop song lyric scrab books, (HOPEFULLY) turning on my radio at home and switch to the pop charts. Am so happy to finally have an idol now -- it's Alicia Keys!! She is my queen!!

2) new singing teacher....on the way, in the making. Shivers* going to make appointment to see a DIVA (in the real sense) for voice lessons -- yes, I'm never letting go of the magic-spinning repertoire of operas & art songs.

3) ON with the jazz-singing lessons with the colleague I kow-tow to...Zalina.

4) Continue the watch for better sleep & better eating habits

5) YOU DON't NEED SO MUCH CLOTHES, only more dresses for work :)

6) spend time with young humans who are related to me...that means my niece, nephew, my god-son...I should probably see if they sell books on how to have a decent conversation with people 20 years younger than me.

7) spend time with my senior citizens, that include citizens from my family and from J's

8) see more sunrises & sunsets

9) eat more fruits

10) drive more sensibly..

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