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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Inventory of clutter?

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An inventory of my belongings...
when does an item start to become a member of a clutter?

I will be moving into a new place in a few months, the thought of organising the move is daunting. At the moment, my personal belongings fill up quite everywhere, of this 840 square feet flat I live in.  One wonders how much can a bachelor person own?  Some women I know live with probably about 20% of the clothes I own.  

A a pang of panic shook me up when this realty agent lady commented on how much I have in this flat, when she came round with a potential buyer (who is now the actual buyer of this flat). Shit, I thought to myself, it's going to be hell when I have to pack all of these....clutters.

I went through the weeks thinking I'm a terrible hoarder of things, a woman who lives in clutters.

I walked around this small flat this morning, making a mental note of the THINGS I have with me here.  What exactly are these stuff that belong to me?  A single woman, no kids, no pets and living alone...  Why do I have things that can fill up a space of 840 square feet (I know it's not a huge place)?

I was looking for clutters, I took out a empty box I stacked up in my store room and was ready to pack some miscellaneous items in it.  

So what did I find in my flat?  Well, the list goes...

Clothes, in all of the three rooms in this flat.  Packed in boxes I have clothes that aren't on a regular-wear basis.  In the wardrobes are my show outfits and my normal wear.

Fine, clothes are fine, I have weeded out the to-give-away ages ago.

Next, I have books all over the flat, stacked neatly all over...They are all over the flat because I lack a big enough book case for all books I own, this include heavy volumes of music scores, magazines that I collect (Off The Edge & Australian Vogue), theatre souvenir/program books collected thro the years.  Verdict: books are for keeping because I love them and I haven't read most of them yet.

Next, I have stacks of CDs, DVDs all over the hall...most of them stacked nicely on a CD shelf (a wooden foldable shelf bought in flea market for 20 bucks), and some more in an Ikea plastic storage box.  Verdict: Of course for keeping, are you kidding?

Next, I have files and papers -- potential clutter!!!  Files of bills, certs and official documents, and music scores will stay, lots of other papers lying waiting for attention.  Verdict: Action required.

Next, I have costume jewellery and many kinds of accessories lying in boxes, drawers, wire display units, in accessories, feather boas, masks, earrings, brooches.  Verdict: Keep, of course, they are both my investment and passion, for both work and pleasure.

Next, I have bags, bags for all seasons and occasions, evening bags, overnight bags, travelling bags, hippie bags, lady-like bags.  Verdict: Weeding before packing is required.

Next, in the kitchen. Verdict: Definite a few out of use utensils can go right out of here.

Next, photo albums!!!  Remember them?  Before digital camera, flickr, and Face Book?  I have a few huge volumes of memories stacked neatly on the TV cabinet (don't own a TV so my `clutter' now reside on this cabinet).  Verdict: volumes of memories will stay.

SO, what do you think?  Do I own clutters or are these just things who make me who I am?  The bulk of my belongings are clothes, accessories and books (and I don't even have that many books).

Whatever it is, I know now the way to pack is to systematically arrange your things into a box, one category at a time and the way to do it is -- stay calm and collected.

Next, where do I get boxes?

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's a Wonderful life

See Ming was telling me a story over lunch last week about someone who got overly elated, over an expensive gift that she was getting from her boyfriend.  That girl was thrilled and shared her happiness on the net...normal la, these days we are fed with information like that about our friends, over FB & Twitter (what they ate, where they went, who they're with, what they watched...).

We both rolled our eyes and said to each other, "...WE are definitely different kind of women, it's going to take a lot more than an expensive jewellery to please women like Us!"

Or a lot less, actually a lot less.

I received an sms from J's mom this morning, telling me that there's plenty of vegetarian bah-chang (rice-dumplings) in the house.  I sent a text back to say I will go over to wallop those yummy savoury delicacies.

Then in the evening when he called on his way home (from Spore business trip), I happily announced that I will be stuffing my face with the dumplings, he told me he was the one who ordered the dumplings to the house.  He found a shop that sell them a few weeks ago and bought us some and I love it.

He remembered it and ordered a bunch for me at his house.  When I knew it was him who arranged for it I couldn't stop smiling for minutes.

Now that's something that will make me happy for days...weeks, to know someone loves you and arranges the simplest but most lovely things for you.

I thought I'd share this on my blog so I won't forget how happy and elated I am today, and how loved I am, truly loved and cared for by my man.

oh, did I tell you how YUMMY those vegetarian bah changs are...???  Crazy good.  Lots of beans and wholesome goodness.

Am off, to stuff face now.

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My new website

Finally, FINALLY, F-I-N-A-L-L-Y, it's live, it's LIVE!  :D

passed out in exhaustion*

Thank you YOU, you wonderful babes!!  Paula my designer, Aronil my programmer
simply wonderful....

thank you Roy & Edward for your advise on web hosting packages & managing my domain!! :D

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