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Thursday, November 12, 2009

new hair photo diary

I have to learn how to blow my hair at avoid dead pan flat look, to get this look.

and on performance missions, I commissioned the professionals, like Sam or Adeline @ A Cut Above @ BSC.

getting into a pose with my FBI agents on a wedding dinner gig mission...
(I dunno silly old Charles looked so serious behind me, goof balls Vincent & Cher Siang discussing what silly pose to do next)

I think this new hair is a new chapter in looking ultra feminine...I have posted more pictures of newly styled short hair on my FB :)



actors training, day one @ Nov 9

Notes from acting training workshop, 1st session, Nov 9.

Reasoning with self:
before you win a debate with your director about anything to do with your character or why you do anything a certain way, you must first convince yourself why you do it that way.

Taking instruction:
fully understand an instruction inside out, no matter how complicated or simple, so that you can execute it well.



Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a log of activities and stuff

The second half of 2009 is a whirlwind of activities and new milestones. I am juggling with what I have on my plate and getting enough sleep and planning to do something about my non-existent schedule of a holiday, a vacation.

Finished Date With Spring's one-month-long run two weeks ago. Collected my cheque on Monday. Happy :) I am lucky to have been given the opportunity to work in the production, and I returned the favour with hard work. Dad came down to watch the musical, his first musical, my first - having my dad in the audience at the theatre.

Signed up for my first ever (FINALLY) acting training workshop (Pentas Project), had my first class on Monday. Most satisfying and enlightening.

I CUT MY HAIR SHORT THE DAY AFTER SPRING's LAST PERFORMANCE. My first bob in 5 years? Ya, thereabout.

Joined Original Bootcamp under Nell's persuasion and my own , a true mile stone for me. 4th session today. I considered quitting the one-month course after 2 sessions. Looked into the mirror on the 3rd session, I had perfectly healthy & sexy looking ab that day (the day after I decided to quit) and decided I missed the sweat and pain...I went back to the camp on Monday.

Had two dinner performances at the about-to-closed-for-business Sri Carcosa (about to become a legend I suppose) two days in a row last weekend.

Collected full set of keys to my new flat two weeks ago. Can't wait to get my act together in fixing it up.

Preparing for my second dance outing, Groovylicious. I will perform in four dance items this time (!!!!!) and a one-song slot...and maybe a duet with Caterpillar resident hot-mama Ann Tan.

Had my 2nd outdoor meditation today! LOVELY weather & breeze at TTDI park.

Performed at a corporate dinner event last night, loving it -- having back up dancers for my songs :)

Mia Palencia is launching her 2nd album, and she is moving to Australia this month!!!!!!!! Going to her farewell performance tonight at Groove Junction.

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