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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hari Raya for dogs & cats

The Monday after...

What a fabulous Monday this has been :) Singing lesson at noon, watched Mama Mia with Zeqthy at tea time, shopped at Borders for hours and not having to rush to anywhere, and a leisurely dinner by myself (pesto pasta rocks!) and best of all, on my drive down to town the traffic was clear and the night air after a huge downpour was clean & cool.

and to top it all...

My man J was going to take me to some swanky hotel in town (to avoid having to battle the traffic) this Raya for a `sleep-in-holiday' to help me recover from my bad sleeping habits during the run of Parodies...

But we put off the idea after we checked the rates of the nice hotels (Ritz, etc) this week -- and considered the price tag of this little treat, and then thought of people and animals who need a treat more than me...

Basically, our guilt drove us off the hotel outing.
So, J proposed that we spend the money instead on some dog food, etc and go out to the streets to feed the stray dogs & cats. On the streets where the annoying traffic has gone off to the kampongs. We can also then take some photos of the strays also, for our own collection, etc.

What a fabulous idea! Don't you agree that this is more meaningful than spending RM 460++ a night on a nice bed and a butler? We'll going to spread some love this Raya! It's Hari Raya for dogs!!

Anyone interested in joining us on the Raya For Dogs?
Ok, here's the idea for all of you to bounce off...

You can either go out for a few hours to feed the strays round your neighbourhoods, etc -- give them a special Raya Day treat, or you are welcome to join me and justin to go round n look for strays and take some photos of them.

What do you say?
Oh, another wonderful idea for you on the topic of giving.

I went to a friend's birthday gathering (Susheela's) last weekend. Susheela specifically reuqested that the guests didn't bring her any birthday presents but if they wish to give her something, they may give her cash donation or food provision to be given to the refugees staying in town (now that's another topic al together -- the hardship faced by refugees in Malaysia).

By late evening, Sushee's hall was filled with a small mountain of provisions given by her guests,
it was beautiful and very meaningful -- just an idea for your future bday parties -- what a wondeful idea!!! To celebrate your bday and at the same time raising funds/goods for those who are less fortunate and more needy.

Oh before I go, the books I bought @ Borders today, what a yummy-licious discovery on the Media & Art racks, happy happy!!

It's Vintage Darling by Christa Weil

Green Is The New Black by Tasmin Blanchard

on the green front, I realised I have never talked about The Recyclists here? I cant remember but I've been at it for many months now. I am part of The Recyclists.

Check these pages out!

The Recyclists Official site - Project Daily Million (Join our list as a pledger to reduce plastic usage)

Face Book group (all are welcome to join us there)

Our Blog

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

just keep blogging...just keep blogging...

Received an email last week from Sheila of Malay Mail :) this came out today.



Monday, September 22, 2008

Lovely Monday

I woke up this morning to a meaningful reminder. J came to my sleepy head and sat down next to me and said, "..remember when I first started going to theatre to see you there? I remember you were the front of house staff and the dresser to the actor (it was Five Letters From An Eastern Empire with Edwin Sumun). Look at you now, now you're the one singing, dancing & acting on stage. You've come so far. Clever are making good progress ok?"

It is of course easier to see where I started and where I am today and feel good about the miles I've travelled. Things always seem harsher when you compare yourself with others - but the Chinese saying is ever so so true, about how comparing one with another can kill you -- there are people above your level and there are others below your level.

There is nothing lovelier than to have started my day with such a reminder from my partner. Love you.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The parody people

There is first time for everything :)

My first parody performance, opening this Thursday!!!!

Show time details

Sep 18th - Sep 28th - 830pm (Tuesdays - Saturdays) - 3pm (Sundays) No show on Mondays Venue - Pentas 1, KLPac Price - RM 60 & RM 40 - RM 20 for students RM 100 for family of 4 (4 tickets) more on Our blog Tickets - 03-2094 0400/ 1400

The Cast
Mia Palencia, Tria, Zeqthy Nattrah, Tabitha Kong, Janet Lee, Shahila Johan, Sarah Low, Sham Sunder, Ho Soon Yoon, Glamorique & Keith Yew

Writer and Facilitator: Brian McIntyre Production Designer: Edna Tan Executive Producer: Datuk Faridah Merican Artistic Director: Joe Hasham Choreography: Farah Dato' Sulaiman Music Sequencing: Brian McIntyre


BROADWAY PARODIES LAGI LAH! Malaysian Spoofs of Songs from the Musicals
Back by Popular Demand!! Following a sellout run last year, The Actors Studio proudly presents "Broadway Parodies Lagi Lah!", a rich rojak of slices of Malaysian life garnished with a big splash of humour and served up on a platter of great songs. And with some new songs and a new wonderfully talented cast singing/dancing some brilliant Broadway style choreography, BPLL is a feast of spoofs that will fill your stomachs with laughter, sure-one! Touring Malaysia some moreā€¦ look for performances in Ipoh, Penang, JB and KK throughout October!!

BROADWAY PARODIES LAGI LAH! Malaysian Spoofs of Songs from the Musicals
What Is It?
A fun filled revue of well known song and dance numbers in which the lyrics have been spoofed to showcase and celebrate a range of uniquely Malaysian culture, characters and icons. Chicken Rice, the Good Morning Towel, the Bomoh of the Bursa - kind of like Reggie Lee and C W Kee's World cartoon characters in lyrical form.

from left, Mia, Tria & Glamorique

Sarah Low & Shahila

The cast & creatives @ press conference on Aug 29th

Publicity shot (note* We lost Sabrina Hassan after the shot due to her scheduling so now we got Zeqthy in the line-up)

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

go ahead, try that pose you!

yes you! Go try that, am glad to have found out later that the poses we attempted with Ninie Ahmad's guidance last night were rather ADVANCED :)

It was my first yoga experience, it was lovely but TOUGH one.

the Mamasan
Thank you YC for getting us the passes to the party. A bunch of us made it to the adidas Yoga & Dance party, I met the winners of the Yoga Pose Contest too. Is it the Ramandhan
Not sure if it was because of Ramadan month or were we just lucky? An hour to breaking fast yesterday (6.40pm), there were plenty of parking lots at Gardens. WOW.

We were ushered into a ballroom void of chairs. Many goody bags in sight and many members of the media, not in yoga gear of course. The gang of us who were there already hung out and waited to break fast with our Muslim counterparts.

While hanging out on the floor of the ballroom (of course it was my idea to sit down on the floor to rest my skinny ass), I attempted some major cam-whoring action.

Myself, Cris & WenLi (we go to the same pilates class too)

dinner time, some of us tried to eat less because of the lined-up programs (DANCING & yoga) but you can tell who could eat all their want and still be able to shake their booties, in time and in style

from left - Shahila, Zeqthy, Sarah, Tria & Nicole
The bloggers went to the backstage and worked on the beautiful, it's proven that I suck at posing with beautiful people, so I did more snapping pics of the beautiful people instead (I usually look more beautiful on my own, hehehe).

"I want some pics of hot guys for my blog, please smile."
the hot guys also emceed last night's party, Jien & Henry

I like this shot of Amber Chia and the surrounding, maybe it's the colors, or the composition...(blowing my own trumpet anyway)

It was something different for me, as a blogger who's never attended any bloggers meet/parties, it felt like a mini-female-blogger gathering. I knew these folks were going to be there so I made it a point to look out for them and get to know them.

The other invited bloggers to attend the parties were...

Can you believe this was her first yoga session?! Cynthia is flexible...wonder what she does to work out...

Kinky Blue Fairy (with Stephenie Chai)


and Amanda Choe (didnt really get to know her till at the end of party and didn't have pics of her)

anyway, on the parade of very gorgeous people and top the list of gorgeous AND crazy people - gooffy girl Daphne Iking
Stehenie Chai & Deborah Henry

Sazzy Falak

Amber Chia

sassy voice diva Dinah strut her stuff and blew the party off with her singing

I love Baby-G's dance session, I learned a few new steps in hip-hop dancing :)

more whoring was required to qualify myself soon as a pro
(pic by Shahila)

the girls who made the party cooool went home with the adidas goody bags :)

from left, Sarah, Shahila, Nicole & Cris
Thank you adidas, the party rocked! Love the dance, the fashion show, yoga, the emcees, fooood!

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Yoga bliss...


I'm going to this party next week!! My only free night from rehearsals too!

An exclusive star-filled yoga+dance gathering by adidas :) and check this out -- They are giving out more invites between now to next week!! Am already salivating at the thought of the goody bag worth RM 500 (of yoga gear & I wonder what else)...

read on - details on how to win an invite to this party

here you go...go for it!!

Strike your most creative yoga/dance pose, holding the adidas logo print out or to gain extra brownie points, deck yourself in your best adidas getups.

Simply send your photo to by 7th September 2008, 11:59pm (Malaysia time). Picture size not exceeding 500kb. There are only 10 event invitations to give out, each comes with RM500 worth of goodies bag.

Am excited because I been wanting to sign up for yoga (I ended up in a pilates class now, so far so good so let's see how this one goes), get fitter and etc....

Anyway, all the best for your entry, grab your camera now and pose!

useful links :)

Street thing
Femme thing

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