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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Three Bitches show with friends!

Our second installment of Attic show! The Return of The Three Little Bitches (and many friends!)

Working it...Spiderman trio.milking my Chinese Carmen songNicole Ann Thomas
working class hero...and the queen of pain
Zalina Lee
sizzling jazzy...ssszzzzz
1/3 of bitches...Zal backing Nic up for her song
The musicians
Piano man Leonard Yap, passions & rationale rolled in one
No cliche here but this is one talented young person...Zalila Lee, singer, songwriter, guitarist & percussionist
our beloved guest singers and good friends...
Nell Ng aka Donna Elvira for the evening, belting Seven Lonely Nights
La vie en rose baby...Peter Ong
Nell & Susheela belting JAJAMBOOOO with me...
Lawrence & Sushee (thank you folks for taking the pictures!!!)
Susheela & Nell TP Lim, emcee, host, singer and all round Mr friend you know!

We received many meaningful and useful feedback from our friends in the audience, love your joy and honesty. See you in the near future in more bitchy but FUN shows!!!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

fellowship of men...

Self doubt is a merciless monster that gnaw at your mind. Also, it remind you why some people are driven to madness to seek peer approval, scary...

Will power is the greatest power of all, hmm...maybe next to the power of love :)

...what do you think of people who live at their own standard of measurement of achievement? Sure sounds like a neat idea...? To never have to live up to others standard? But is there meaning living on an island of your own standards? and not being able to have a taste of what it's like to bask in others' applause...

It's a known fact that human interaction and emotional connection with fellow human beings contribute to feeling of fulfillment and happiness.

I guess there is no running away from being part of this human circle, society standard there?

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Chiang Mai post, Dec 23 & 24

Spent three days at Chiang Mai few weeks ago. Came home with the travellers' diarrhoea. The adventure was worth it. The cool weather there was worth it, the delicious food, lazing around town with J was worth it. The dresses were worth it...the people were worth it.

pics by J and myself

Dec 23, Sunday
Thapae Gate
Fresh from the airport and after checking into The Chiang Mai White House...eager to exploreCity Silk Co. on Thapae Road was where I ordered two dresses to be made. Didn't plan ahead, it was an impromptu spending spree. Num was taking down notes on what I wanted...I ordered a long and a knee-length evening Thai silk dresses. It was nice of J to wait around for me to finish my business at the tailor before we finally get to get some late late lunch.
outside a shop
scenic cable sceneevening...on the way to dinner we walked thro the Sunday night market at Thapea Gateat the market place...
at the diner
J taking a break from dinner
to the market after dinner, we were fascinated with the tiny traffic lightsI bought the one on the right
the vendor was a fiesty babe...oh I also bought the silk skirt on my shoulder
and it was rather chilly as the night got late...she took refuge from the chill in her box
got warmed up from the walking up and down the stores...found this store with cool footwear
I bought the green ones

Monday, Dec 24
JJ's designer market
the pub action opposite the market
JJ's Hobby Market...ultra coolness

Lost all of my pictures of the third day (Dec 25) adventure due to a memory card gone wonky...sigh* of the mountain biking in the morning..scenic ride and the lakes and the folks we met there, the dogs, the skies, and the dresses fitting and shots with my tailor...

ah well, but I have these shots of all the lovely dogs in Chiang Mai...wonderful dogs :)

sleepy dog...
...wakes up
adorable fella

this little friend here is named Puppy, the resident @ The Chiang Mai White House

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