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Saturday, November 11, 2006

The way we are...

It's common these days, people my age...29, busy themselves day in day out, month in month out with endless projects and activities...some of us happen to spend quite many hours online, working, chatting, thinking, reading...reading blogs and thinking, reading blogs and chatting to friends about what we read.

Yes, yes, am saying amidst making money and partying, it's fun sometimes (for some people) to ponder on certain philosophical topics, something my first land-lord would call/comment, "Why you want to think so much?"

Yesterday I read something good and I would like quote this bit I like, like, as in I like how it reminds me of something I don't tell myself everyday :)

Anyway, I read it from BigBigPlanet...

"...the truth is, to do anything at all with our lives, we just have to stop questioning our beliefs at some point and hope for the best. We just have to hang on to our incomplete views of the world and keep adding jigsaw pieces to them, throwing away the ones that don’t fit in with what is already there."

Am sure many of us have been there before, half way through our journey of whatever we stop and question ourselves about what we are doing, anyway...

Don't you think it's more fun to take the journey where you figure things out along the way rather than the calculated, fixed, formulated, straaaaaightfoward way.

Of course not everyone is big on the `fun' factor, many people don't live for fun, they live seriously, too seriously. I think I'm diverting the topic, my parents have been pestering me and my married sister, to pester me into pestering my man to marry me -- get the paperwork done.

Security, they call it. Why waste your youth away with relationship without paper?

pic by SeeMing
Maybe my man and I are the new kind of `insecure' people who give little trust to a piece of marriage paper that is believed to be able bind two person together, given the fact that it is easy to file a divorce. Our marriage paper is in fact, our willingness to be open with each other all the time, our ability to seek the best out of each other, and love everything that makes us the person we fell in love in and the person we have grown to be in each other's friendships.

With that, I wish you a happy weekend...and a happy life.



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