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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Doctor in The Sun

Whoring work in progress...

Your doctor in residence got a mention in The Sun yesterday, page 24.

Cheers All Around

by Anansa Jacob
It was a night of music and dance and a jolly good time at the first SKOL Worldfest Launch in celebration of the beer `winning the world over'...

"The night was capped by a musical performance by local songstress Janet Lee, who gave reveting renditions of several reworked jazz numbers in English, French & Spanish as well as a few classic Mandarin love songs."

Yours truly waiting backstage with YY (on piano) for our first song...(for my fashion friends' sake, the red dress is from Red Cross shop in Reykjavik (Iceland), gift from SeeMing, feather boa from HK, I think I got those earrings from Elaine Daly at Amcorp market years ago...)
It was a fun evening and now that it's over, it's time to plan dinner with PS and TV who roped me in the event :)



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