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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Vintage Tales Series: [2] 1980s Lady Gaga Lee

Posted on FB on Oct 17, 2018

[Janet's Vintage Tales, No. 2 - Diane Frés vintage goes Gaga Lee]

I have owned this peculiar (peculiar to me because I didn't understand this dress until I googled Diane Frés yesterday) sequinned silk dress for more than a decade, worn it to sing only once, at The Attic piano bar in July 2007. 

This shot was taken by Wong Horngyih, at my flat, April 2014. The occasion wasn't about me. My good friend Julian Chan wanted some work profile mugshots done and he had asked to use my flat for the shoot. I said yes of course, and very flattered that he wanted to use my flat. 

After Julian and HY were done shooting all the sexy saxophone player poses; I somehow ended up posing pulak ...busybody flat-owner me. Anyway, because I didn't have any makeup on then, I pulled over this dress (not sure why) over my shorts, slapped on a red lippy, put on these gorgeous earrings (gifts from the very stylish Elizabeth Chan Kwong, was it from south of France you said?), wore this oversize hairband on my face to cover my naked eyes. HY liked the white wall next to the bookshelves, "A good canvas." 

You can say that this is one of my all time favourite strange-fashion photos. So weird that it does work. 

This secondhand Diane Frés 80s georgette-silk long dress was a Amcorp Mall Sunday flea market find. I remember paying about RM 25 for it while screaming inside "WHAT A STEAL!!!!" This dress, along with a bunch of other bling show clothes - was from a stall put up by The Singing Shop in Amcorp Mall. They say the clothes are from their lady boss (obviously a showgirl too). Those days, the Sunday flea market at Amcorp Mall was my church. Chong See Ming and I would meet there almost every Sunday and we combed the stalls. I still have many treasured pieces bought at that market. 

This dress is loud, a faithful 80s look; and though I loved its unapologetic prints, beading and waistline V-neck - I am still a bit clueless in pulling it off on a regular basis.

Was tempted to give it away a few times during my spring cleanings but never succeeded - tak sampai hati throwing this one out - very attitude kao-kao right?


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