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Friday, July 13, 2018

The Gingerbread Witch Diary - FB post @ July 10

July 10, 2018 - Juan Montoya 

This man gave new meaning to the song [Can’t Take My Eyes Off You] - conductor  Juan Montoya ...All of it was new to me - well not anymore since last week! - to sing and act on a big stage without taking my eyes off the conductor and his baton. 

My colleagues assured me I’d get very clear conducting from him before we started rehearsal; but when we started music rehearsals, I found that he’s also a world class human being in being patient, understanding and encouraging to singers and musicians. 

Opening night was extra interesting for me - the jitters and new ‘mechanics’ of singing in opera, etc. Not flinching a bit, he reassured me I would do better and fine the next one up, if I would just trust my work (and review the score!). When the show closed on Sunday afternoon, I can confidently say that I know how and when to breathe and enter a vocal cue when working with an orchestra and conductor. 

The witch had to prance around the stage throughout her entire scene and I felt Juan’s guidance with me through all the passages. It was such an enormous privilege for me to have worked on such challenging music and role as a newbie. I’m still having music hangover from the production. Thank You maestro Juan for the wonderful hand-holding and your trust. See you soon this November from the audience seat in the Puccini outing! And then wine!


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