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Friday, July 13, 2018

The Gingerbread Witch Diary - FB post @ July 10

July 10, 2018 

Dominique Devorsine and I were trying to recall how we met all those many years ago, I did a bad job in remembering and she remembered better. Fast forward to more than 17/18 years after we met (and many productions later), she recently designed this costume for my Gingerbread Witch role in Kuala Lumpur City Opera's staging of Humperdinck’s Hansel  & Gretel opera. 

This flamboyant and obviously maniac vibe of the costume design is quite a departure from the look we did (last photo in this series) at the publicity photo shoot months ago. Each time she pins the wig on me and as I lace up my 6-inch or more platform boots to climb up to the 9-feet tall set where my gingerbread house sits, I couldn’t help but know that this getup is doing half of the work to bring the character to life, the other half starts when my music and my vocals come on, with the lighting designer’s work. 

Thank you old friend Dominique for your (yet again) ingenious design and your art direction on my makeup, and Eunice Ng for executing it beautifully...and boy am I glad that I found the most comfortable and wicked pair of boots in Sg Wang. 

Photos by Eunice, Cynthia TanChong See Ming and Sean of Pixel Pics for the publicity photo. 


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