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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Vintage Tales Series: [1] Dripped In Copper

Posted on FB on Oct 14th, 2018

This is the start of a series that I hope to sustain and find relevance, with myself and with people who read my feed: a photo diary of a girl who dreamt of having a career in fashion. Now at 41, she is a woman who wears preloved fashion and tells tales of these treasures through music and beautiful visuals..

*[Janet's Vintage Tales]* (still looking for a good hashtag though)

I'll start with this photo, taken by Zeemi Ang in April 2013. I wore a beautiful copper-gold vintage lamé qipao, a gift from Chong See Ming. This shot was taken AFTER the end of our day-long shoot at The Spacemen studio, with director Nell Ng. I was fooling around at the dressing table, hours ago where Geraldine Loy worked on my face and our hairstylist Yvonne did my hair (I had a head full of long and thick silky black hair). Reluctant to get out of my full 'regalia' of the day...I candidly posed in front of the dressing table and that was when Zeemi took this shot.

It is one of my all time favourite photos ðŸ™‚

Both my earrings and ring weren't vintage or secondhand. I've since lost that diamanté ring at a gig. Took it off to wash my hands at the then Nikko Hotel, forgot to put it back on; gone after a few mins after I went back to look for it.

Peeping through under my right hand is my treasured Portobello Market find: a vintage ostrich feather boa from my first trip to London with my tentmate Peter Ong (thank you for showing me your London town!) I remember I was quoted 80 quid for it and it was finally sold to me at around 65 or 60 quid. I have tons of photos with this boa - you will see more of it in this series. 



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