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Friday, July 13, 2018

The Gingerbread Witch Diary - FB post @ July 11

July 11, 2018 - Cecilia Yap 

This is a funny woman, Cecilia Yap - in more ways than one, I kid you not. It’s funny that many years ago, her reputation in the voice industry that I know of was she’s fierce; but when I started singing lessons with her, she was anything but fierce in class - she’s funny and witty, and even a bit silly sometimes, she's honest and steadfastly holds on to insist that students work and sing with healthy habits and technique - the essentials of a good teacher. 

I will always recall with a smile, of how she convinced me to audition and later accept the Gingerbread Witch role. You see, she undersold the level of difficulty of the music and praised highly of the amount of fun and self development I’d get in singing the role (well she’s more than right about the latter). 

When I whined and ranted about the music she always responded with a hearty laugh and told me I’d be fine if I work at it. At rehearsals with her as vocal director, I marvel at her imagination and exquisite direction in shaping our vocals for each of our characters. 

Thank You laoshi, for your trust and faith in my ‘manic-ness’ and abilities 🙂I had the best times of my life! XoXo


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