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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Soul Doc's Fashion 101 Part Two

Tired of keeping clothes I didn't throw out to sell during my recent sale, these are clothes with potential when I first bought them (the NEW-item potential) and then weeks later found themselves taking a back seat in the wardrobe.

I gotta do them (or my money) justice. Out came my trusted pair of scissors.

The results:

My latest look is high neckline and low back, so I cut up my pale red soft cotton tee, from a Bossini-looking round neck short sleeve tee, to a sleeveless n low back tee...the `casual-cut' by my `free-hand' gives it the grungy look. When you can't have perfection, give it a casual edgy cut.

Next creation is my SEED 80's bat wing top. I love its soft rayon-cotton material and its darkish pink color...the thing is, the long sleeves and high neckline are all too `stuffy' for me now. I kept the neckline, slit the sleeves up for about 3 1/2 inches for that butterfly look. Not satisfied, I cut a hole from the shoulders to just above the elbow, tata, a home-made new top, a sexy boat neck blouse with 80's bat wing, sexy shoulder-arm holes and fancy sleeves.

The last creation before I hit the bed with exhaustion was this dirty-yellow low scoop neck long sleeve top with a huge sewn in corsage, Lycra n rayon I believe. Decided I would keep the sleeves, will push to elbow for a less geeky look. I cut off the waist band that was running the risk of making my less-fit tummy very visible.

Tip: covering your weakness does not always make it less visible, sometimes you expose the weak point even more if you are covering the wrong way, ie. tight Lycra over your fats.

Tip: you can easily change the entire look of a piece by simply cutting off an inch here or there, eg. hem lines, sleeves, neckline. Grown bigger in the hips? Cut off the jeans waist band to fit again.

Tip: the natural `free hand' cut with a pair of scissors will give the garment an edgy casual look, it's a fantastic way to immediately `dress down' any item that look too dressy for its own good, eg. you feel uncomfortable wearing a fully-sequined blouse to go out, try this method to make it look dress BUT chic-casual.

Tip: keep a collection of normal safety pins AND fancy ones, in various sizes to work as both decorative item and a functional safety pin, for that fancy blouse that you think it's showing too much cleavage, try pinning the sides from the inside of blouse to tighten it. I learned this one from my 20-year-old Brazilian model: tighten a tank top or a singlet's waist by using a safety pin, pin the back of the top from the inside, at waistline area. Use a fancy one you can tell people you reinvented the tank.

Tip: lost one of your favourite vintage earrings? Use the one left as a brooch, on suitable jackets, dresses, tops, mind the material of the clothes.

Now don't come and tell me you don't have anything to wear.

If you insist you have nothing good to throw on for that hot date or girls night out, give me a buzz for some ideas, or come shop at my next Jumble Sale for The Bold n Fashionable.



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