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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Instant Glamourizer

Next I would like to see male models change clothes in a fashion that I have `experienced' the female version.

I dressed two models last night for a fashion show that was more than a fashion was one hell of a show, the hair and the make up were...I simply wouldn't attempt any word from my limited vocabulary. It overwhelmed me, till now I have images from these ten tall women with very attractive `heads' strolling down the decorated stage (with blow-up plastic toys and fuchsia pink cloth, and two psychedelic colors bead curtains). I adored the florescent color tights they each had on underneath those very glamorous dresses.

Speaking of glamour...SM and I discussed a week ago on


...she is preparing for her very romantic Europe `haaanneymoon' and wonders what to pack to be both comfortable and stylish. I came up with a list of items that would dress up any outfit or occasion...

...while walking down the cocktail reception last night after the fashion show ended , amongst the shinny happy glitterati in expensive suits, dresses and jewellery, I felt totally comfortable in my back stage working clothes -- adorned with a few INSTANT GLAMOURIZERs.

my items last night was:

slippers (yes, japanese slippers, flat and almost weightless footwear) from Sg Wang with rhine stones and sequins

satin cargo pants - just go everyday-down-to-earth pieces in LUXE/party/expensive material - that will be comfy AND glamorous

little pull down hat with feathers and sequins - have one signature-stand-alone piece with you in your car for those emergencies, ie. a party hat, footwear in a screaming-for-attention color, junky boho necklace,

high street fashion handbag, colorful and furry - your handbag will dress your jeans and white tee up if you got the right one on...

so anyway, I felt tall thought I was on flats, the feathers on my hat added height, my satin cargo blended well with the glitterati's chiffon dresses and their heels.

Other items to be improvised in your life:

glitter belt

large vintage earrings (with your hair pulled back to give maximum exposure and to show off your slender neck)

rhine-stoned/beaded/sequin/satin/diamante cardigan - don't have one? Make your own, buy beads and/or sequin and start sewing!

a hat like mine - that is absolutely going to make you very very visible so it's meant for attention.

bright or color anything, shoes, wigs, bags, tee shirts -- do remember to blend well with the rest of your outfit to avoid looking `Cartoon Network' rather than `hinge of glamour'.

red lipstick/lip-gloss - 'nuf said

Instant Glamourizers are for:

Day to night look, one tiny piece of item/accessory to make you shine at night while you don't blind out the whole office during the day

From back stage to main stage -- no time to change your outfit from anonymous crew person to the look-at-me crew person

Emergencies - out shopping for groceries and have to rush to a full-watt party

Low key glamour - when adjust well of volume, it's low key and classy

so there you go, have fun with improvisation!

Coming back to the fashion will be shown in the party near...Me. I took two rolls, I hope they turned out fine.



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Nice, helpful tips ... thanks, janet!

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