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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My second "life after..." this year

I might as well remind myself here, things I have to pick up quickly after Butterfly closed in KLPAC...

But before I launch myself into this to-do-list, I want to showcase one of the gifts I received before our final performance on Oct 15.

Edwin was our unofficial backstage photographer during the run. This picture is one of the many he gave us, in a CD with the other pictures he edited and presented to the team.

Jason Lai and I, we were Sijiu & Yinxin. On Oct 12, dressing room

Withdrawal syndrome is probably suffered by some of us, some in silence whereas some prefer to express it chains of emails. As usual, my seizure of post-show depression, etc, comes in unexpected waves, sometimes it hits me even months after a production.

We will all meet again on Friday, cast party. Strange for me, another chance for closure four days after final performance. I feel like going to the party all dolled up, to think I spent the last 4 months in sweat pants and Japanese slippers...half of my glamorous dresses collected this year were forgotten.

According to reliable sources (Thank you, thank you to all who had faith in my participation and work), I have made quite a leap in this production. Thus, I would like to ride on the euphoria of this knowledge and make my next few months productive.

To do list

1. character development homework for my cameo role in Red Street Diner before shoot in Nov
2. Learn the song for the shoot
3. Stay home, new books are growing into big piles
4. Stay home, new classical repertoire needs work
5. Update portfolio
6. Add Chinese repertoire for January first Chinese gig!!!
7. Homework for Papagena's duet
8. Renew passport
9. File news clippings, make scrap books
10. De clutter flat
11. Make appointment with income tax office
12. Update master contact list

Back to the musical, the team was busy exchanging gifts by the last week. Butterfly accessories seemed to be the popular choice, for obvious reason.

Even the men couldn't resist wearing them for pose...

from left, Wei Han, Suan & Edwin (pic from Edwin's collection)

And thank you Edwin, for your note in the CD pack...


From your debut in shadow to this shining performance bathed in light, I've watched you bloom into a stunning little performer. I know you're a believer in dreams coming true. You wouldn't be here otherwise. With every show, another of my dreams came true. This time, I'm happy that yours did too. It has been wonderful knowing you again.

Love always, Edwin

Will feature more backstage pictures from the production in my next post...



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